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How Mobile Devices Affect Your Body and Mind
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How Mobile Devices Affect Your Body and Mind

Although technology makes our daily lives easier, it can also affect our mental and physical health in many ways. It's important to stay mindful of how often you rely on the use of a mobile device, as it can pose both positive and negative impacts on overall well-being.

Because smartphones have many unique features that today's users are constantly discovering, they can quickly become addictive. Smartphone users have the ability to stay connected with people from all over the world, share stories that mean the most to them, monitor health and fitness-related goals, and even access an overwhelming amount of information quickly and efficiently.

With mobile devices becoming a significant part of daily routines, it’s vital to think about the ways in which they can affect your mind and body! It’s also important to note the variety of ways you can improve or lessen any health-related advantages and consequences.

Mobile Devices and Your Body

Fitness and nutrition are the components that fuel your body to feel and look your best. Smartphones make it possible to track progress and establish routines to meet requirements associated with health-related ambitions.

Take advantage of:

Health data comes in the form of an app on your smartphone. This feature makes it possible to gain knowledge of your current health status and the ways in which you can better your health regimen. It monitors your activity, sleep, and automatically counts your daily steps.

A fitness tracker can monitor your heart rate, record distance and time, and save your workout history on a weekly, daily and monthly basis. If you’re an active person this is the perfect way to monitor your workouts digitally.

Every mobile device makes it possible to dial an emergency contact, but now each can be accessed through a voice-activated emergency hotline. This helps make a scary situation less stressful on the body. Traumatic instances are overwhelming as is, and having a smartphone in your possession can quickly alert paramedics or a 911 operator.

Be mindful of:

Whether you’re sitting or standing, it’s imperative to take your posture into consideration when using your mobile device. Depending on how long you look at your smartphone, you may experience pain in your back and joints or even "text neck" when avoiding an upright position.

Our smartphones display a high-energy blue light that can interfere with our sleep and eye health. Take screen time into consideration when utilizing your smartphone. Remind yourself to take frequent breaks throughout the day and use the nighttime to reduce blue light exposure by putting your phone down. 

Mobile devices are a magnet for dirt and germs. To avoid getting sick, use a UV phone sanitizer or tech cleaning wipe to clear any trace of bacteria. Along with getting rid of germs, sanitizing your smartphone can remove fingerprints as well.

Mobile Devices and Your Mind

Allowing your mind to relax at least once a day can help you feel more revitalized. Along with utilizing stress relief apps, there are other useful tools on your mobile device that can help you organize your daily life, affecting your mood and overall happiness.

Take advantage of:

Digital planners make it easy for you to schedule your week from anywhere. If you have a busy calendar that is frequently changing, it is simple to update any meetings, events or weekend plans through the touch of a button.

Mobile devices are a key factor for travel success, especially when it comes to navigation. Smartphones include a map feature to ensure you’re taking the appropriate route to a preferred destination, which can relieve stress and anxiety about being late or getting lost.

Building a budget, monitoring your savings and establishing a spending plan are all a part of improving your financial wellness. Mobile finance tools, like a budgeting app or an online banking platform, make it easy to increase your productivity and limit the headache of falling into a financial dilemma.

Be mindful of:

Too much time on your mobile device can limit social interaction and relationships with the people you love most. Take frequent breaks throughout the day to spend some quality time with your friends or family.

Your body naturally associated dark light with rest, but when the light from your smartphone overpowers this, it can cause a lack of sleep. If being on your smartphone is a part of your nighttime routine as something that calms you down before bed, use a nighttime light feature. Or try to limit the time you spend on it before going to sleep. 

If you’re trying to get things done in a timely manner, being on your device can create mind distractions. It is hard to focus on two things at once, and with your smartphone being one stimulus, it makes trying to do another thing simultaneously almost impossible.

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