Roller Stand


Bring UV rapid disinfection on the go. Germs don’t just stay in one place and ExpressPro doesn’t either. Mount ExpressPro to the roller stand and disinfect wherever you are.

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An essential in any professional space.

Durable metal

Deploy anywhere

VESA Compatible

Disinfect Anywhere

Go through your workday with ExpressPro by your side. The roller stand makes it easy to transport the UV disinfection station as you move from nurses’ station to patient rooms, dining area to kitchen, or desk to conference room.
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Continue Disinfecting.
Don’t stop with the ExpressPro.

Continue to have the peace of mind that all your devices and phones are germ-free. Check out our consumer products like the PhoneSoap to ensure the things you use the most won’t make you sick.

Compatible With Any Space

Not all spaces are the same, that’s why we also offer a  desk stand and  wall mount  to make sure sanitizing is accessible and easy. Whether it’s in a hospital, office building, restaurant, or stadium, these accessories make sanitation quicker, easier, and more effective than ever.

An essential in any professional space.

We’re bringing our consistent 360° disinfection to the healthcare and professional realms.

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Sanitize items of all sizes in your home with our PhoneSoap and HomeSoap units.

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