GermGuard Phone Case

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GermGuard Phone Case

GermGuard Phone Case

iPhone 6+ / Plum

$19.95 Regular Price:

iPhone 6+ / Plum

3 colors
  • Plum-#470a31
  • Black-#000000
  • Navy-#111e40

Product Details

Protects phones from scratches, protects you from germs.

Our GermGuard Phone Case isn’t just the only phone case in the world that protects your phone from bacteria - at 0.3 mm, it’s also the world’s thinnest. Our high-density plastic has ionic silver embedded in it to kill germs, and prevent them from transferring to your hands.

  • Ionic silver embedded in soft-touch plastic
  • Eliminates 99.5% of germs
  • 0.3 mm thickness
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus

Kills Germs with Ionic Silver

GermGaurd utilizes a patented inorganic antimicrobial agent that releases microscopic silver ions into the moisture layer surrounding bacteria and viruses. These ions then penetrate the cell and bond to several key enzymes in the bacteria that controls how the cell "breathes". This bonding inhibits the bacteria from consuming the energy it needs to live, and the cell dies off.

This technology has been used in hospital equipment for years to keep equipment germ-free, and now PhoneSoap has made it available for your phone!

World's Thinnest Case

Besides being the only phone case in the world to kill bacteria with new ionic silver technology, it also happens to be the world’s thinnest case at just 0.3mm thin! Having high density plastic, this case packs a lot of protection into just 0.3mm without making your thin phone a bulky monstrosity.

The Complete Solution

While GermGuard does a fantastic job keeping the back of your phone 99.5% bacteria free, PhoneSoap Charger is the complete solution -- killing 99.99% of germs on every surface of your phone, including your dirty touch screen.

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