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Large Capacity UV Sanitizer & Charger



Large Capacity UV Sanitizer & Charger


The same disinfecting power as the original PhoneSoap, but roomy enough for larger items like tablets, game station controllers, remote controls and more. Automatic and manual modes allow you to stop and start the microbe-taming as you see fit.

What does HomeSoap Do?

Kills 99.9% of all germs1 using UV-C light.

Amplifies audio to hear alarms and notifications.

Fits large tablets, remotes, toys, baby bottles, and more.

Charges any device with two universal ports.

Stop Microbes Without Sprays and Fumes.

The powerful UV-C lights inside HomeSoap kill germs without sprays, solvents or chemical cleaning agents. With bulbs on both the top and the bottom, our devices achieve 360-degree disinfection , reaching tiny crevices that sprays and wipes cannot.
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Why HomeSoap?

Our patented design is the only device that can disinfect your entire device.

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A one-year warranty is included as well as the option to purchase an extended warranty.

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We want you to love your purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right.

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How germy is my phone?

We wash our hands all day but it’s easy to forget the germ haven that goes everywhere with you—your phone. That’s why the average smartphone has been shown to host 18x more bacteria than a public restroom.*

What your hands touch, your devices collect.

Throughout the day, all the bacteria you touch on grocery carts, gas pumps, doorknobs, and even other people are transferred and stored on your phone.

Go big or go big

The HomeSoap large-capacity UV-C sanitizer boasts a sleek, simple design and all the features you expect from a PhoneSoap product—plus a few surprises.

Find the right model for you.

Compare our family of PhoneSoaps and find the product that best fit your lifestyle.
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Shop the original.

The PhoneSoap 3 takes care of all your basic germicidal needs for small items.

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Kill the germs,
clean the screen.

After using your UV sanitizer, clean your screen with our screen-cleaning accessories.

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