PhoneSoap Cables


The PhoneSoap charging cable protects from harmful bacteria using embedded metallic ions.

What Can It Do?

Self-disinfects over 24 hours

Longer length options

Connect to USB-C or Lightning adaptor

Charge devices using Fast Charge

  • Lightning To USB Cable Use

Effortless charging.

Achieve a more complete level of sanitation. During a time when sanitation and cleanliness are key, make sure both your phone and your charging cable aren’t breeding harmful germs. Charge your phone using our specially designed cable that features proprietary antimicrobial formula that protects from bacteria.

An essential companion.

We may touch our charging cables less than we touch our phones but that doesn’t mean our cables are completely germ-free! Pair these cables with any of our PhoneSoap UV sanitizers to achieve thorough and complete cleaning and sanitizing of your devices.

Charge and clean.

The PhoneSoap Cable charges your devices using Fast Charge at speeds up to 3A or 60W. It’s compatible with USB-C to USB-C and Lightning adaptors.

The perfect combo.

Pair an antimicrobial cable with any of our PhoneSoap models for the cleanest experience.
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bigger is better.

For those large items that won't fit in your PhoneSoap, go extra large.

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Kill the germs,
clean the screen.

After using your UV sanitizer, clean your screen with our screen-cleaning accessories.

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