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PhoneSoap Locker

Keep you and your students healthy and germ free with the PhoneSoap Locker. With removable dividers you can sanitize all the things your students touch most.

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Perfect for the Classroom

The beginning of a new school year gives us a chance to start fresh.  New students filled with excitment bring with them eager minds and GERMS! As any teacher will attest, the classroom is filled with things children touch with their hands or put in their mouths.  Our schools can be a hotbed for all sorts of bacteria. From the things children touch and share like scissors and pencils sharpeners to the electronic devices like phones and tablets that are in the classroom, we have bacteria growing in the classroom that is making our students and teachers sick.   

Sanitize More

PhoneSoap Locker provides a safe place to store and sanitize your dirtiest household items. The bacteria found on tv remotes, game controllers, headphones, baby bottles, pacifiers, and toys can be hard to clean and easily passed along.  Use the lock and key feature to store items from kids or secure valuables when leaving home. 

Safe and Secure

The PhoneSoap Locker uses the same technology hospitals use to sanitize operating rooms. The lock and key provide and extra layer of security to the items you are cleaning.  By utilizing the security of the Locker, hospitals, businesses, and parents will enjoy the technology of safely sanitizing and cleaning their items without the need to monitor their valuables. 

Safe & Secure

PhoneSoap Locker includes a lock and key for safe nightly storage.

Know When It’s Clean

A backlit indicator informs you when cleaning is done, or when product needs service.

Easily Stackable

PhoneSoap Locker is both stackable and mountable for easy storage.

Stop Germs, Stay Healthy

PhoneSoap Locker helps you stay healthy and well by eliminating bacteria, viruses and drug-resistant superbugs.

Product Features

Four high-output UV-C lamps that provide hospital grade disinfection.*

Optional dividers for up to 8 tablets.

Eight high-amplitude USB charge ports for quick charging.



Interior dimensions 11.25L x 13.25W x 9H"

Exterior dimensions 12.5L x 14.5W x 13.75H"

Key lock

Sanitizes all devices simultaneously

Eight 24.A charging ports

Removable and adjustable dividers

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