PhoneSoap Patch

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PhoneSoap Patch

PhoneSoap Patch

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Stop cleaning your screen with your shirt. Your phone deserves better.

The PhoneSoap Patch’s sticky backing lets you attach it to your phone, tablet or desk so that it’s always there when you need it. The PhoneSoap Patch is made of a polyurethane gel that can be stuck and unstuck thousands of times without ever leaving a residue.

  • Antimicrobial cleaning pad
  • Re-stickable backing

The Perfect Polish Companion

PhoneSoap Patch works seamlessly with PhoneSoap Polish to keep your screen looking clean all day long. Use the polish to keep the screen slick and protected, while using the patch throughout the day to easily swipe smudges away. A perfect pair!

An Idea That Sticks

PhoneSoap Patch sticks to just about anything! Using a special PU gel, it can be stuck and unstuck thousands of times leaving no residue whatsoever. Keep it attached to the back of your device, purse, wallet, cheek, shoe, belt or wherever you want so it’s always there when you need it!

So Easy to Use, We Made Instructions

Step 1: Peel

Step 2: Wipe clean

Step 3: Re-stick, re-use

Step 4: Wash if needed

DO NOT use PhoneSoap Patch on any surface if it has dirt or debris attached to the microfiber. Always check before use. If the microfiber patch gets dirty or the stick is decreasing, wash with water and let dry.

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