PhoneSoap Shine


PhoneSoap Shine


Easy to store and quick to use, the PhoneSoap Shine is the first 2-in-1 cleaning solution with a bottle featuring a flat surface and built-in microfiber cloth.

What can PhoneSoap Shine Do?

device becoming dirty with germs

Clean any device with a screen

compact form of PhoneSoap Shine

Fit in your pocket, purse, or backpack!

cleaning power of a screen cleaner

Houses up to 150 sprays for lasting use

not harmful

Safely cleanse with an ammonia- and alcohol-free solution

Works on Any Device.

With its flat, built-in, microfiber fabric face on one side of the bottle, the PhoneSoap Shine can clean any screen of any size. Though optimized for phone and tablet screens, the Shine works perfectly on smart watches, computers, TVs, and more.
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The Perfect Companion.

The PhoneSoap Shine serves as the perfect companion to any of our UV-C sanitizers. Use the Shine as often as necessary to keep your phone clear of smudges and residue, then use your sanitizer to kill all the harmful bacteria.

Store on the Go.

The pocket-sized, rectangle shape of the PhoneSoap Shine makes it small enough to carry in a purse or briefcase for everyday use. It’s also easy to store in a backpack, suitcase, or even your car for cleaning on the go!

The perfect combo.

Pair a PhoneSoap Shine with any of our PhoneSoap models for the cleanest experience.
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bigger is better.

For those large items that won't fit in your PhoneSoap, go extra large.

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Kill viruses HEPA can't.

Use our filterless air filter to capture and kill viruses HEPA never could.

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