The WashClock

Hand Washing Timer

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Color: White

The original hand-washing timer. The WashClock is a sleek and durable timer designed to live by your sink. It provides a simple countdown so you know exactly how long to wash your hands while your soap works its magic. Easy to use for all ages, the WashClock is waterproof with a long-lasting battery of up to 7,000 washes.

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Introducing Washclock

See how Washclock can help your overall health


Washing your hands for 20 seconds is crucial to hand hygiene.


WashClock + Water

WashClock is designed to live near your sink. Splash it, dunk it, no problem!


Right Amount of Time

This count down while you wash your hands ensures your hands are clean. WashClock gives you the peace of mind that your soap has enough time to do its job.

Long-Lasting Battery

The replaceable coin cell battery in the WashClock lasts up to 7,000 hand washes. You'll probably replace your sink before you need to replace the battery!

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