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Sanitize and Charge. Whenever. Wherever.

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Cleans 99.99% Everytime

The UV-C lights inside PhoneSoap kill germs without harmful heat, liquids or chemicals.

Charge While it Cleans

Multiple charging ports in the back enable you to charge your phone while it is sanitizing.

Clean More

PhoneSoap can sanitize more than just phones, including: keys, credit cards and money.

Fits All sizes of phones

PhoneSoap 3 is big enough to sanitize even the largest smartphones in the market.
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Cleans in 10 minutes

but keeps charging all night long

Why PhoneSoap?

18x Dirtier Than A Toilet

We pass the germs to our phones from things like grocery carts, gas station handles, and public restrooms.

A Petri Dish In Your Pocket

Warm places like pockets and purses are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria to grow.

Clinically Proven Results

PhoneSoap uses powerful UV-C light to kill 99.99% of bacteria growing on your phone.

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