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You can't wash your phone, but you can sanitize it with PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap neutralizes the bacteria that other phone cleaners can't kill.

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“The leader in mobile device disinfectant and cleaning.”
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New PhoneSoap 3 New!
PhoneSoap 3
7 colors
  • White-#ffffff
  • Black-#000000
  • Sand-#d4d0c4
  • Orchid-#d48091
  • Gold-#ae7e70
  • Aqua-#74b8b0
  • Silver-#8e9cb6
PhoneSoap XL
PhoneSoap XL
2 colors
  • Black-#000000
  • White-#ffffff
New PhoneSoap Wireless New!
PhoneSoap Wireless
1 color
  • Chrome-#d9d9d9