Electric Wind Technology

Electric Wind Technology ™

More Powerful, Effective & Affordable than Traditional HEPA Based air purifiers.HEPA systems require costly replacement filters and lose effectiveness overtime, AirSoap uses washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates that are more effective at cleaning the air.


Kills and Collects

HEPA filters simply trap pollutants and if not replaced regularly, can cause additional pollution in the home from bacteria and mold growing in the filters themselves. AirSoap uses Electric Wind Technology to kill germs before they’re collected for safer, purer air. No filter replacement needed.

Electric Wind Technology

No more costly replacement filters. Ever.

Not only is AirSoap’s™ Electric Wind Technology™ more effective than HEPA based filters, it can save you over $1000 in replacement filter costs over time. Instead of wasteful filters made of harmful fiberglass material, AirSoap’s earth friendly technology utilizes washable, reusable, graphene collecting plates to more effectively clean the air while saving you thousands.

Electric Wind Technology

Whisper Quiet

AirSoap’s Electric Wind™ technology is highly efficient, using electricity to capture germs instead of trying to force air through a filter. This system allows for increased airflow while spinning the fan slower and quieter than comparable filter-based systems. AirSoap uses up to half as much energy to process the same amount of air, providing customers a more robust and effective system for germ and allergen reduction.