AirSoap H2O Humidifier

AirSoap H2O Bacteria-Free Humidifier | Powered by Airdog MOI

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Enjoy the many health and beauty benefits of moisturized air without the moldy odors and bacteria buildup that are common to conventional humidifiers. Setting new standards for purity and performance, the Mold-free Evaporative Humidifier features Electrolytic Disinfection and Anti-mold Technology (EDAM), to eliminate 99.9% of mold and germs from humidified air.

The washable filter and manual or automatic operation modes make the unit a breeze to maintain and operate. Experience pure, consistent humidified air as it should be.

  • Energy efficient
  • Purified, consistent humidity
  • Innovative EDAM technology kills 99.9% of mold and germs
  • One-button operation
  • Manual or Automatic modes
  • Odorless and mist-free

Mist-Free, Bacteria-Free, Mold-Free


Setting the new standard in humidifier technology, this evaporative humidifier delivers the purest humidified air without hassles and expense.


We Couldn't Find A Great Humidifier. So We Built One.

Conventional humidifiers feature several serious—sometimes even unhealthy—drawbacks:

High Mold and Bacteria Levels

The damp, dark environment inside an air humidifier is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Thriving in water storage tanks and filters, mold and bacteria are then dispersed by the unit and polite the air.

Constant Cleaning and Filter Changes

To combat mold and germ overgrowth in common humidifiers users must change the filter and clean the inner chamber routinely. This expensive and time-consuming upkeep is required over the lifetime of ownership. 

Inconsistent Moisture Levels

As the water level diminishes, conventional humidifiers generate less moisture, resulting in a drop in performance. Optimal performance is possible only when water levels are kept high—another upkeep task.

Why the AirSoap MOI

99.9% free of Mold and Bacteria*

Enjoy fresh, naturally humidified and disinfected air. The Evaporative Humidifier features Electrolytic Disinfection and Anti-mold Technology (EDAM) with disinfection occurring automatically every hour or with the 40-minute deep cleaning mode.

Washable, Re-usable Filter

Eliminate the time and expense of filter replacement. Simply rinse and reuse the filter instead, for an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful filters.

Steady Moisture 

Water is pumped to the top of the unit and flows down for dispersal, ensuring the filter remains fully saturated, regardless of the tank water level. The humidity output remains constant until the tank is completely emptied.

Simple Water Level Indicator

An indicator light tells you the water level, eliminating guess work.

Easy Refill

Simply pour water into the top of the unit and you’re good to go.

All the Right Modes

Access these modes with simple, one-button operation.

Auto Mode

Maintains 50% humidity and runs the EDAM disinfection cycle for 5 minutes every hour

Manual Mode

Choose speed levels 1 – 4

Sleep Mode

Lowest speed, lights off

Purify Mode

A 40-minute EDAM deep sanitizing* cycle

Drying Mode

Automatically triggered when water runs out to prevent mold or bacteria growth on the filter - Or use after washing the filter