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Fight germs wherever
you go—for real.

Meet SurfaceSoap UV.
The ultra-powerful, portable UV wand that
kills 99.9% of germs in seconds*

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Better together

Watch how PhoneSoap takes part in spending time with loved ones again.

Not just for phones.

With 27x the space, the HomeSoap disinfects larger devices like tablets, remotes, game controllers, and more.

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Take us to Your Bacteria, Viruses, and Airborne Grime

PhoneSoap helps people live better by defeating the worst germs and pollution we encounter daily—from serious microbes on phones and other gear to harmful viruses and particles in the air we breathe.

Germs Fear Us

Our UV disinfection tools and air purifiers are proven to kill 99.99% of even the hardest-to-kill germs like E. coli, Salmonella, Staph, Influenza A H1N1, and many more.

Humans Love Us

We kill pathogens that make people sick. Plus, we cut down on wasteful wipes, expensive filters, and chemical cleaning products that leave odor, residue, and fumes behind.

We’re Here, There, and Everywhere

Backed by a decade of expertise, you’ll find PhoneSoap solutions fighting the good fight in homes, schools, hospitals, gyms, restaurants, and countless other germ hiding places.

How powerful is UV-C? See for yourself.

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