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Why PhoneSoap is Different: An In-Depth Look at 360-degree Disinfection and Ray Tracing

Why PhoneSoap is Different: An In-Depth Look at 360-degree Disinfection and Ray Tracing

PhoneSoap products are patented and uniquely designed to remove all obstructions between the UV light source and the object being disinfected. Whatever the UV light doesn't touch, can't be disinfected.

That's why all of our disinfection chambers feature a UV-C-transparent surface that suspends the object for disinfection as well as a reflective inner chamber to fully encompass the object with light, ensuring a 360-degree disinfection. To our knowledge, we are the only company that does this, and we believe it is the only proper way to achieve a high-level disinfection.

Graphic shows inside of PhoneSoap and the rays reflecting within the chamber

After we designed the interior chambers, we digitally assessed the UV-C exposure on every surface of each object we are wanting to disinfect. To do this, we use advanced ray tracing software typically used in the aerospace industry. This allowed us to find blind spots so we could alter and refine our model until our disinfection chamber met the disinfection standards for the product.

Ray tracing is a method that calculates the path of waves or particles by rendering and simulating each ray of light produced by a source. So in our case, ray tracing tracks each ray of UV-C light being produced within our chambers and shows us all the places the light is hitting. 

These methods of testing allow us to provide the most efficient and effective way to kill 99.99% of the germs and bacteria on the devices you put into PhoneSoap products and sets us apart from competitors and other UV sanitizers. 


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