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8 Gifts for Someone in Quarantine

8 Gifts for Someone in Quarantine

Streaming Service Card + Cinema Treats Kit


By day three of quarantine, your quarantined friend has probably binged all nine seasons of The Office and watched every movie in their Netflix queue. Give them a gift card to a streaming service, like ShowTime or Sling, so that they can find a new TV show to pass the time. You can also compile a box full of their favorite treats that they can enjoy while they watch a movie. The perfect box of snacks could have popcorn, chocolate, sour candy, licorice, and a couple bottles of cream soda.  

Give a Sling Gift Card starting at $25.00  

Yoga Mat 


It can be so easy to watch movies all day while quarantined. However, it’s still important to get your body moving a little bit every day, which can be difficult when you’re confined to the walls of your home. Purchase a yoga mat for your friend, and invite them to do yoga or simple bodyweight exercises with you over Zoom. By the time they’re out of quarantine, you will both look like new people!  

Buy now on Amazon for $28.97 


Adult Coloring Book 


Help channel their inner child with a coloring book and set of colored pencils. In between the Zoom work calls and reruns of Friends it will be refreshing to take a break from the screens. Filling in coloring books can reduce tense and anxious feelings, and because quarantining can be stressful, your friend is probably going to need it. 

Available at Anthropologie for $14.95.  



Remember your friend telling you that their New Year’s Resolution was to “read more books?” Well, what better time to do that when they can’t leave their house for two weeks? While withdrawing from society for a couple of weeks to quarantine can be stressful, it can leave ample time for education and self-reflectionWhen they return to work, they will be able to apply this new knowledge that will lead to more successful career.  

 The 7 Habits of High Effective People; Available on Amazon for $14.87. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People (in the Digital Age); Available on Amazon for $10.79. 



This might be a kind and subtle way of telling your friend that their burned cookies resemble hard hockey pucks! This cookbook is perfect for the novice baker, so by the time they’re out of quarantine, they will be able to bake anything from raspberry cheesecake brownies to fluffy cinnamon rolls. Extra brownie points (ha-ha, get it?) to them if they decide to share some of their delicious creations with you!  

Available at Target for $16.49 


Board Game 


If your friend is quarantined with family or roommates, the entire household may be ready to tear out their hair (sometimes listening to crunching noises and glitchy Zoom calls in close quarters will do that to you.) If everyone is going to survive to the last few days of quarantine, then they will need to get along. What better way to bond by playing a fun board game together? This trivia game will test each other’s knowledge and give everyone a break from the fighting (unless, of course, you fight over this game).  

Available on Amazon for $20.00 


Fleece Sweat Pants 


Working from home means blazer up top, then sweatpants and fuzzy slippers on the bottom. Your friend has probably been wearing the same pair of stained, ratty sweatpants for the past four days, so surprise them with a new pair of these cozy fleece pants. You may need to purchase two sets of these sweatpants so you can keep one for yourself!  

Available from L.L Bean for $49.95 


Meal Delivery Kit 

Even trips to the grocery store should be limited during quarantine, so send your friend a meal delivery kit so they won't risk exposing other people to COVID-19. HelloFresh kits have pre-measured ingredients and easy instructions to make a delicious, fresh meal. Finding motivation to cook while quarantined can be difficult, so your friend will sure be grateful for a healthier meal that doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare.  

Gift cards are available at starting from $65.00.  

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