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How to Clean Headphones Like a Pro

How to Clean Headphones Like a Pro

Every time you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack or Harry Style's newest album, you may be spreading germs and grime. Your headphones are touching more surfaces that you think. They go from your backpack or pocket to your hands and then into your ears. Sometimes we even lose them for a bit and who knows what they come into contact with.

So how do we clean our headphones without damaging them? We know the best ways to sanitize and clean your headphones and make sure you're getting the best sound in the safest and cleanest way. 

Why Should You Clean and Disinfect?

The large amounts of bacteria that could be living on your headphones can sometimes lead to ear infections and other illnesses. PhoneSoap can make it very easy and quick to disinfect and kill 99.99% of those germs. Sanitizing your headphones will keep you safe and cleaning them will ensure that your headphones continue to give you quality sound. 

Use PhoneSoap to sanitize your earphones

Best Way to Clean Your Headphones

Before you start cleaning it's important to know that there are techniques to use for both types of devices you use to listen to your music and shows. We have simple ways to clean both headphones (over the ear) and earphones (in the ear).


  1. If you have silicone covers on your earphones, remove them and soak them in soapy, warm water. After you've soaked them for a while, gently brush away any wax or gunk with a Q-tip. Let them air dry.
  2. Using a soft brush (a children's toothbrush can work great), gently brush the wire speaker part of your earphones. Pro Tip: Make sure the wire is facing downward as you brush so whatever gunk you brush will fall out instead of being pushed in.
  3. Use a Q-tip to dig out any wax buildup. 
  4. To gather up any remaining dust or debris, attach some blu tac to the end of a pin or paper clip and gently brush the wire area of your earphones. 
  5. Get a small cloth or even another Q-tip wet and gently wipe off all areas of your earphones. 
  6. Pop your earphones into your PhoneSoap device to finish the cleaning process with a brief sanitizing cycle.


  1. Take off the ear pads and wipe everything down with a cloth you've soaked in soapy, warm water.
  2. Soak a Q-tip in the same and use it to clean out all crevices and creases.
  3. Put your headphones in our larger HomeSoap unit. Since headphones are quite larger than earphones, they may not fit in our original PhoneSoap unit. The HomeSoap's larger dimensions will allow you to sanitize your headphones, ear pads, and phone all the same time!

Getting Rid of Wax

Wax buildup is extremely common in earphones and headphones. It is unsightly and also can possibly make it harder for your earphones to deliver quality sound. We have some good ways and tips to follow to get rid of that wax. 

  1. Use a q-tip. These are a great option since they are gentle and cheap. Many times people opt for using sharp items like pins and paper clips and end up damaging their earphones.
  2. If you are to use something sharper, cover the tip with blu tac. The stickiness will collect dirt and some of the wax and it'll save you from fatally piercing your earphones and ruining them. 
  3. Use a gentle toothbrush. The bristles do a good job removing wax and sweeping it out. 
  4. Whatever you do, make sure your earphones are facing down so gravity can do its work. As you sweep your earphones with one of the above tools, make sure your earphones face the ground so bits you loosen can drop out instead of becoming further ingrained in the earphones. 
  5. Clean your ears! The wax on your headphones is coming straight from your ears. If you are diligent and consistent in cleaning out your own ears, you won't have to be digging wax out of two places — your ears and earphones. 

Exactly How Do I Sanitize?

Using PhoneSoap's sanitizing devices to sanitize your earphones and headphones is extremely easy and can be done anywhere, especially your home! All you have to do is pop your earphones or headphones into the PhoneSoap, close the lid, and let it work its magic. In 10 minutes, the PhoneSoap kills 99.99% of the bacteria, lessening the chance that you may get an ear infection or other illness. 

Do My Headphones Increase Wax?

Your earphones and headphones do not increase wax. But they do block your ear canal and make it harder for air to flow, which can lead to wax buildup. The more your earphones seal off the canal, the more likely wax will buildup. 

A girl uses to headphones

Be Safe and Sound

Don't let your earphones or headphones get you sick or cause you unnecessary pain or trouble. It's easier than you think to wipe down your earphones and toss them into a PhoneSoap. We want you to live a healthy and happy life and do so while listening to your favorite songs.


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