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How to Clean Your TV Screen

How to Clean Your TV Screen

You know that moment when your TV turns off and you get a front-row view of all the dust fingerprints and smudges you never realized were there? It's disgusting and shocking and we don’t want it to take away from your Stranger Things marathon or HGTV binge. We’ve got all the best cleaners and cleaning methods so you can keep your TV looking sparkly and make sure that dirt and grime are on the show and not on your screen.

It's easy to keep your TV screen and remote clean and sanitized

Make Sure You Have This

Before you begin cleaning your TV, be sure you have the essentials. We recommend using a microfiber cloth like this one that’s made to clean glass and screens. You can also purchase our PhoneSoap Microfiber Cleaning Pads that are great for screens of all sizes.  

Keep Your Screens Streak-free

Most of the screens you’ll be cleaning are delicate flat-screen TVs. It’s important to not use wet cloths or rags to clean these screens. Instead use a dry, soft microfiber cloth. If there are persistent smudges, then you can use an electronics wipe like this one from Windex. Using a dry cloth will reduce streaks and save your TV from unnecessary damage.

What Should I Use to Clean My TV?

You’ve recognized you have a problem and you now have your microfiber cloth. You dusted off your screen but there are still some smudges, what’s next?

  • Windex or other glass cleaners: Avoid using these to clean your TV screen. The chemicals found in Windex and many other cleaners can damage your screen. It’s also important to avoid anything that is abrasive and could scratch the screen.
  • Vinegar: Though it is not your best option for cleaning, you can use vinegar to clean off your TV screen. Make sure to add an equal amount of water to your solution you create. Don’t soak your cloth and be extremely gentle when wiping your screen. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing.
  • Rubbing alcohol: Rubbing alcohol is typically not recommended to clean your TV screens. If you have no other option, mix rubbing alcohol with water (if your solution has more than 50% alcohol, it will damage your screen) and gently wipe with a barely damp cloth.

Disinfection = Protection

Wiping something down often isn’t enough. All those finger smudges you see came from hands carrying germs and bacteria and it’s important that you sanitize your screen when you clean it.

We recommend using our microfiber pads or a microfiber cloth to wipe away smudges and the bacteria that may be lingering on your screen. Don’t forget to sanitize and clean all the accessories we use with our TVs like remotes and controllers. Our HomeSoap is perfect for sanitizing multiple large objects and killing 99.99% of harmful bacteria and germs. 

It’s more than easy to sanitize the things you use with your TV while you clean and sanitize your screen.

Check out our favorite screen cleaners!

Our Favorite Cleaners

Need some help finding a good cleaner? Check out this list of some of our favorite cleaners:

  • WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner Kit — This fun orange-colored bottle is Apple’s cleaner of choice and will help remove dust, dirt, oil, and grime from your screens. It also comes with a bright microfiber cloth. We also recommend their screen-cleaning wipes. This kit is a little pricier than some other cleaners, but it’s worth the cost.
  • Bryson Screen Cleaner Kit — Proven to be gentle enough to work on all types of screens, including LCD and LED screens, this kit is great for your TV. It’s free of alcohol, ammonia, and phosphate so you don’t have to worry about screen damage. This bottle isn’t odorless, so be aware there may be a strong smell when you spray.
  • Screen Mom Natural Screen Cleaner — Screen Mom is great for any type of screen. We like it because it’s odorless and won’t leave streaks. Though it is $20, it’s tested to spray over 1,572 sprays so it should keep your screens clean for a long time. And it comes with a microfiber cloth!

Whether you use a cleaner or not, it’s easy and quick to clean and sanitize your TV screen and make sure there aren’t any fingerprints or smudges distorting your view of the latest episode of The Bachelor. Make sure to grab your microfiber cloth or pad and get yourself a HomeSoap to keep your screen and your remotes and controllers clean and germ-free.

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