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Prepping for House Guests As Travel Season Approaches

Prepping for House Guests As Travel Season Approaches

As spring approaches, so does travel season. For many of us, that means prepping for house guests. If you’re like us, you may feel a bit rusty in the hosting department after a long, quiet winter as well as the pandemic era in general.

Fear not, we’re here with some easy tips and reminders for preparing your home as the travel and visiting season begins. 

A hand places a TV remote into a HomeSoap large UV sanitizer.
  1. Make way and de-clutter. As you tidy up your home (or “dig out” after quarantine, as some of us are saying), think about creating space for your guests. That means clearing clutter and loose items, especially in the front entryway and on the porch, as these areas are the first your guests will see. It’s also about making way for their items. Is there a hallway hook or room in the closet for their shoes and jackets? Space on the shelves in the bathroom? Try to recall how it feels to have more people in your home, sharing the space—and let the sorting and de-cluttering begin.
  1. Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces and items. Cleaning toilets and picking up discarded shoes is a start but consider doing a deeper cleaning based on how often a room or item is used. And by deeper clean we mean really get after it and nix some germs. Using chemical wipes is one way to go about it, but if you really mean business, disinfect your phones, remote controls and other high-touch items with a UV disinfection tool like HomeSoap. In 10 minutes, powerful UV-C light kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* on items like tablets, game controllers, toys, and remotes.
  1. Stock up on essentials. Make sure there are extra towels and toilet paper placed where guests can see them. If you want to go the extra mile, leave extra toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, and conditioner in the bathroom for your guests. A stack of rolled up bath towels
  2. Have some plans . . . kind of. Don’t worry about planning out every single hour and every single meal, but it’s good to have a loose idea of things to do and share these options with your guests. Have some activity options and be flexible.
  3. Talk with your guests well ahead of and during their visit. Ask about food allergies or any special needs. Let them know where things are in your house or any important rules. Pass along the Wi-Fi password by writing it down and putting it on the fridge or in a guest bedroom. Make sure your company feels welcomed and know that you are available to make their stay comfortable.
  4. Focus on the people. It’s easy to get wrapped up in preparations and making sure everything is perfect, but don’t forget the most important thing: your guests. Once they arrive, they deserve your attention more than deciding which towels you should put in the bathroom. Focusing on your visiting friends or family will make their stay memorable and meaningful for you and them.

Learn more about nixing more germs around your house with HomeSoap, our plus-sized sanitizer. I makes disinfection of high-touch items breezy as you can work in batches and each cycle takes just 10 minutes.

Enjoy your guests and a tidy, germ-free home this season.

*HomeSoap has been tested by an independent, 3rd party laboratory to be 99.9% effective against Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, Coronavirus 229Ein. It has been tested on headphones, jewelry and baby bottles. HomeSoap has also been tested to be 99.9% effective against salmonella using ASTM 3535 for efficacy of UV light on hard non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, and plastics.

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