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7 Unbelievable Products for the Skincare Junkie

7 Unbelievable Products for the Skincare Junkie

7 unbelievable products for the skincare junkie

You either are one or you know one. The world of skincare can be overwhelming and expensive, especially if you don't have any idea where to start. We've found a handful of products that work well for a variety of skin types. In order to find products that work best for you, you'll need to identify your skin type. Not sure what you're dealing with? Check out this article. 

The following products can be used on any skin type but may not be necessary depending on what issues you'd like to tackle. 

1) Derma Roller Cosmetic Needling Instrument. The derma roller has many benefits: treats and diminishes the appearance of acne scars; prompts your skin to produce more collagen (hello, firmer skin); and provides a better way for products to penetrate the surface, allowing them to work better and faster. Take a look at this positive review below: 

If you're still not convinced, loads of users have included before and after photos on Amazon. Check it out. 

(Amazon, $20)


2) Ice Roller. This one is a little newer to the skincare market, but it won't be long before it's a staple in everyone's routine. This gadget is stored in your freezer and can help with any number of issues like redness, puffiness, migraines, enlarged pores, wrinkle prevention, and dry skin. Plus, it costs only $11.99.


3) PMD - Personal Microderm. This is a product that we've had our eyes on for a while now. Reviews say it smooths out acne scars and gives an overall healthier look after just one week. Another reviewer raved about how the texture of her skin had improved immensely after just a few uses. After hearing what both had to say, we need one. 

(Amazon, $159)

4) PhoneSoap 3. Yes, this is for your phone, but it's also for your face. Do you know how germy your phone is? Every time you take or make a phone call, you're transferring the bacteria on your screen onto your face. Most people don't realize that this is a major cause of acne or irritation on your skin. Keeping your phone disinfected with PhoneSoap will ensure that you're keeping 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* from your pores.

(, $80)

5) Facial steamer. The purpose of this steamer is to hydrate your skin and open up your pores to thoroughly remove makeup, dirt, and other impurities. It also comes with a blackhead remover tool kit.

(Amazon, $35)

6) Jade roller. Yes, another roller. Each one has different uses, and luckily they're all pretty affordable. But if the idea of three different rollers seems excessive, we recommend doing your research to see which one is going to best accomplish whatever skin issue you're most concerned about. The jade roller is also fairly new to the skincare market, but it seems to have taken over. Its benefits include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, smoother skin, and tighter pores. It also helps with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.


(Amazon, $26)

7) Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. First of all, this stuff has over 15,000 reviews on Amazon with 4.5 stars overall. According to said reviews, this deep pore cleansing mask helps reduce redness, scarring, and acne. Many reviewers mention that they don't know how they ever lived without it.

(Amazon, $11)

We would love to hear about products we might have missed on this list. Drop your recommendations below.

*PhoneSoap 3 has been tested by an independent, third-party laboratory to be 99.99% effective against Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, H1N1, Coronavirus 229E, Staphylococcus, Rhinovirus, Rotavirus. It has been tested on actual phones, Apple™ watch, headphones, credit cards, and keys. PhoneSoap 3 has also been tested to be 99.99% effective against Salmonella, H1N1, rotavirus, and rhinovirus using a modified ASTM E1153 and ASTM E1053-11 for efficacy of UV light on general hard non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, and plastics. Real-world results may vary depending on size, shape, and material of phone or phone case.

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