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Top 5 Productivity Apps for 2019

Top 5 Productivity Apps for 2019

Top 5 productivity apps for 2019

With a new year comes new goals and a better you. Some of your resolutions might include being more organized, budgeting smarter, or spending less time on social media. 

Phones are usually the ultimate distraction, but this year you can resolve to use it responsibly and explore everything it has to offer to make life easier and more productive. Here's a list of the best apps out there that will help you achieve your goals and manage your time better. 

1) Acorn. This app is perfect for those who want to take a little more control over our finances by saving and investing. You link a bank account and a credit card, and the app will take it from there. For each purchase made, Acorn will round up that purchase to the nearest dollar and invest the difference, even if it's only a cent. You also have the option of saving those amounts to an account that you can withdraw from at any time.

There are a ton of other features as well, including the original content provided to expand your knowledge on all things money. Read more about Acorn here.

 2) Asana. Need to get more organized but don't know where to start? Asana can help. This is a project management app that many business use to keep track of tasks and ongoing projects, but you can use it in your personal life, too. You can use a list format or calendar format to view upcoming tasks and events. 

3) Focus@will. If you typically can't get work done in complete silence but sometimes find that the noise around you or the music you've chosen is still a little distracting, this service helps. Here's an excerpt from their website: 

"Scientists have discovered that depending on your personality type, there is a specific type of “music” that when engineered just right, puts your brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.
We’ll ask you a few questions, determine the perfect music for you, and give you the scientifically engineered music channel that has been proven to 4x your focus and optimize your productivity. You’ll still have access to over 50 other channels but you’ll know exactly what channels create the best focus for your unique personality."

4) IFTTT. Also known as If This Then That. At first, the capabilities of this app can be a little confusing, but after a few minutes you'll be sold. This app helps your devices and your apps work with each other, so you never miss a beat. For example, you can set it up so Alexa can call your device if your phone is ever misplaced, automatically sync your Instagrams to a specified Pinterest board, or receive weather reports each morning—the list goes on.

5) Pocket. Whether it's from the News app, Twitter, or Facebook, it seems like there is too much interesting content and not enough time to read it all. Enter Pocket, the app created for this exact problem.It will save all the articles you want to read and offers a highlight feature and the ability to listen to the article if that's more convenient. 

Remember to disinfect your phone using PhoneSoap 3 at the end of each day. You can't stay productive if your phone is covered in illness-causing germs.

What apps are you using to stay productive?

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