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UV-C Light in Salons and Spas

UV-C Light in Salons and Spas

Movaside, toxic cleaning spraysUV-C light is quickly becoming the leading disinfectant in salons and spas. Stylists and nail techs only have a few minutes to clean up in between clients, so it can be difficult to sterilize tools and have them available for use in a short amount of time. Currently, commercial salons use a variety of methods, including harsh chemicals and disposable tools. UV-C light is the not only the safest and easiest sanitizing technique, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective. 

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Current Beauty Alternatives to UV-C 


Barbicide is the most common chemical disinfectant for combs, clips, and hair-cutting shears at salons. While it can effectively kill harmful germs (or even lice!) that may be left behind from the previous client, barbicide is a toxic chemical that is extremely irritating to the eyes, skin, and lungs.  


Many salons are opting for disposable nail clippers, scissors, and other tools. A new package of tools can prevent cross-contamination in between clients; it’s not uncommon for nail techs and other clients to contract warts and nail fungi. So, it brings peace of mind to clients when they see a fresh package being opened for each person, rather than hastily cleaned tools 

However, this method is incredibly costly for salons and wasteful for the planet. It can cost thousands of dollars each month for salons to purchase. Each package of nail tools includes materials such as metal, plastic, and foam that take years (if ever) to decompose.  

HomeSoap and PhoneSoap UV santizers

UV-C Light Use in Salons and Spas  

A better alternative to chemical cleaners and disposable tools is to purchase permanent sets of tools and then sanitize them with UV-C light. The radiation is strong enough to inactivate viruses and bacteria. The HomeSoap is a great addition for your business because it can sanitize 99.9% of disease-causing germs and bacteria in only 10 minutes. It can quickly disinfect nearly everything like cutting shears, combs, nail clippers, nail scissors, and much more.  

For best results, we recommend that you quickly rinse the tools with hot water and a small bit of white vinegar or bleach, if desired, for extra cleaning power. This will also remove any hair and nail debris left over from the previous client. Then, thoroughly dry the instruments with a soft cloth to ensure there is no water left. Place the items in the HomeSoap and then they will be ready to use on the next client within 10 minutes!   

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Tips for Helping Clients Feel Safer During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

1. Ask Them to Wear Masks  

Most counties require masks to be worn in all public spaces, but even if your area doesn’t require it, it’s still a good idea to implement them at your business. The facial coverings often help people feel more comfortable out in public if they know that everybody is working to protect each other.  

2. Put an AirSoap in Your Salon or Spa  

In a facility where styling stations may be close together, some clients may feel uneasy about catching sicknesses in the proximityThe AirSoap can kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria in an area of up to 400 square feet. The AirSoap is perfect for commercial businesses (as well as residential use) because it uses a graphene plate to catch germs, dust, chemical sprays, mold spores, and much more. The filter is completely reusable and dishwasher safe, so there is no need to spend time and money to replace disposable filters.  


3. Reach Out to Your Clients  

During the height of quarantine, the U.S. closed all nonessential businesses, which included salons and spas. Even though most business have reopened, some clients may be nervous to go out in public (even though they have 5 inches of root grow out!) because they don’t know how safe your salon or spa may be. It might be a good idea to send out an email newsletter and list all the precautions that your business is taking to ensure your clients’ safety. This may include more frequent cleanings with EPA certified disinfectants, reduced number of people allowed inside, UV-C disinfection for cleaning tools, and many more! This may put some fears at ease so your customer will be more comfortable returning to your salon or spa.   


This pandemic has brought many challenges to everyone, whether they be financial, emotional, or even physical; but we’re now at a point where we have been able to return to at least some level of normal. It has taken some learning and trial-and-error to understand how best to function, but thankfully, we now have the tools to stop the spread of the virus and live healthier lives. PhoneSoap is dedicated to helping salon and spa owners keep their doors open by protecting the health and safety of their clients with the use of UV-C light. 

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