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What is UV Irradiation?

October 28, 2020 | By Amy Carpenter

It’s time to talk about the topic that’s on every alien’s person’s mind at the moment: ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. (But c’mon — you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like something an alien would talk about…or maybe use to suck you up into their UFO.)

Amidst a pandemic and with winter looming around the corner, a lot of people are wondering how to get rid of germs most effectively in their homes and on the go. Hence, more people are wondering about ultraviolet (UV) irradiation — and we’re here to answer your questions!

What is Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation?

Wavelengths against a black background

This question is answered perfectly by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) on their website. They explain:

“Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is the use of ultraviolet (UV) energy ... to kill or inactivate viral, bacterial, and fungal species. The UV spectrum is commonly divided into UVA (wavelengths of 400 nm to 315 nm), UVB (315 nm to 280 nm), and UV-C (280 nm to 200 nm). The entire UV spectrum can kill or inactivate many microorganisms, but UV-C energy provides the most germicidal effect, with 265 nm being the optimum wavelength.”

Essentially, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation is a term that describes the use of UV energy/light to kill germs…something we’re kiiiind of passionate about over here at PhoneSoap.

Why Should You Use UV Irradiation?

UV irradiation

Truth be told, human beings are germ magnets. From touching doorknobs to toilet handles to gym equipment, we’re constantly picking up germs — and, unfortunately, then touching our phones (a.k.a. our extra appendage) and bringing all those germs into our homes. That means, of course, that we need a way to eliminate those germs.

UV irradiation is an incredible disinfectant, and UV-C light is, by far, the most effective of all the UV energy types at killing germs — which is exactly why PhoneSoap uses it in our products.  Because of its high frequency, UV-C light is fatal to viruses and bacteria. It’s clean (goodbye, soap residue!), efficient, and an incredible sterilizer (which is why hospitals use it to disinfect their equipment); however, it’s also harmful to our eyes and needs to be used in a controlled environment. 

How Do You Use It?

UV-C irradiation is all the rage right now, and for good reason — but knowing how to use it properly can be confusing!

One way you can make use of UV-C radiation is through germicidal lamps. It’s best to install UV lamps inside your HVAC system, where it cleans out germs getting sucked into the system (which then spread to the rest of the house). To read more about germicidal lamps and which ones work best, click here.

On that note, UV wands are being marketed like crazy right now — but buyer beware: Many of the items marketed are ineffective and falsely advertised. Many of these wands have a UV-C level so low that you would have to hold the wand over any item for half an hour to disinfect it at all, let alone get rid of dangerous viruses. Then, of course, the longer you are exposed directly to UV light, the more you risk negative side effects to your sight and skin.

Another way to use UV light is by sanitizing items directly in UV products that have been tested and proven to eliminate germs.

What Products Do It Best?

PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

The answer to this question depends on what you want: Do you want a toothbrush sanitizer? Something to sanitize the air in your home? A disinfectant for your phone?

No matter what you’re looking for, PhoneSoap has got you covered. We want to keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe by making sure your home is as germ-free as possible. That’s why we’ve created products using UV-C lighting to kill the germs on your phone, on various household items (like keys, remotes, laptops, etc.), and even the air circulating throughout your house! Just check out these bad boys:

The PhoneSoap 3 – “You charge your phone every day, but how often do you clean it? Your phone has become like a third hand you never wash. PhoneSoap 3 is proud to be the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. Now you can enhance your daily charge with a sanitizing process. With PhoneSoap, a charged phone is a clean phone.”

The HomeSoap – “The same disinfecting power as the original PhoneSoap, but roomy enough for all your items. Now with automatic and manual modes!” The HomeSoap can clean anything you can fit into it, including laptops, iPads, keys, pacifiers, bottles, and more!

The AirSoap – “AirSoap is a revolutionary new air purifier technology that kills and captures even the smallest viruses HEPA filters can’t. Proven to kill 99.99% of airborne viruses*, AirSoap uses washable and reusable collection plates instead of costly HEPA filters. The AirSoap can also reduce allergens like pet dander as well as help purify polluted and smoke-filled air. AirSoap is the best choice for your health, your wallet, and the planet.”

All of our products have been tested repeatedly and proven exceptionally effective, and they perform in a safe, controlled environment so they don’t pose risks to your health like other items employing UV radiation.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation isn’t just the most effective way to sanitize your items — it’s the easiest, too. Trust us: Once you start sanitizing with UV light, you’ll never want to go back.

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