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Why You Should Get the Flu Vaccine

Why You Should Get the Flu Vaccine

Need some more convincing on why you should get the flu vaccine? We're here to explain the benefits of getting it. 

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First things first: We're going to to answer some quick questions. Each of these questions connects to another blog post that details what you need to know about the flu vaccine. If you want a deeper explanation, you can follow this link

  1. How does the vaccine work? The vaccine inserts a weakened or inactive protein of the virus into your body so it can make antibodies against it. 
  2. Can the vaccine stop me from getting the flu? Because there are always multiple strains of the flu that are changing each year, the vaccine cannot completely stop you from getting the flu. The CDC says the vaccine itself cannot give you the flu and each year the vaccine proves effective. 
  3. Does the flu vaccine help children? Yes! All children should get the flu vaccine. Unlike other viruses (like COVID-19), children are more at risk and can experience worse and more deadly symptoms from the flu than any other age group. 
  4. Does the flu vaccine last all year? No. A flu shot lasts about six months. If you get the vaccine in October, you should be covered for the entirety of the flu season. Doctors recommend getting the vaccine only once a year. 
A arm with a bandaid on it from a shot

What are the benefits of getting the vaccine? 

  • The flu vaccine can prevent you from getting the flu. 
  • It can also prevent flu-related hospitalization in all ages, especially children. 
  • The vaccine helps those with chronic health challenges like diabetes, lung disease, heart disease, etc. (The CDC has some great details regarding how the vaccine affects those suffering from these chronic diseases, see the link here.) 
  • It can provide protection to women during and after pregnancy. 
  • If you get sick, the vaccine can still reduce the severity of the symptoms and effects.
  • It has the potential to save children's lives. 
  • Getting the vaccine can protect others around you. 


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