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7 Gifts for the At-Home Exerciser

7 Gifts for the At-Home Exerciser

When COVID caused gym closures, many of us decided to try working at home. Even though many gyms are open, some people prefer to still work out in their living rooms. It is pretty easy to work out at home, but there are some essential things that make it even better. These essentials also make perfect gifts.

Yoga mat

Yoga Mat, image from Amazon
Yoga mats don't have to be used only for yoga. You can use a good mat for any type of exercise or even just laying down after a good workout. This mat is sturdy and comes in multiple colors.
Buy on Amazon for $24.91

Hand weights

Hand Weights, photo from Amazon
Increase the intensity of your workout by adding some hand weights. You can choose any size weight. Having weights at home will help give you a well-rounded, at-home workout. 
Buy on Amazon for as low as $24

Water bottle

HydroJug, image from HydroJug website
You're going to need to stay hydrated before, after, and during your at-home workouts, and we've got the perfect water bottle for you. It comes in multiple colors, is dishwasher safe, and holds a 1/2 gallon of water. 
Buy on HydroJug for $19.99

Workout app subscription

Nike Training App, image from
Need a little help and direction for your at-home workouts? Miss going to classes? Don't worry, there are plenty of great apps that offer hundreds of different exercise classes and workouts. They offer workouts that you can do at your own pace or you can work out with a trainer. Many apps also offer nutrition and wellness guidance and tips.
Download and buy on for $19.99/month

Foam roller

Foam Roller, image from Amazon
You'll probably be sore and may have some pain after your intense at-home workouts. Instead of paying for costly massages, you can get your own foam roller. Designed to relieve pain and muscle soreness, the foam roller is an essential for any exerciser. 
Buy on Amazon for $19.99

Resistance bands

Resistance bands, image from Amazon
If you don't have the space for heavy weights, or don't really want to spend the money (weights can get pricey; typically you pay $1 per pound), resistance bands can be a great substitute. They can be used for any muscle exercise and can be easily packed up and stored. 
Buy on Amazon for $17.99

Full-length mirror

Full-length mirror, image from Amazon
It's important to make sure you are using correct and good form when you exercise. Doing so can prevent injury and also ensures that the exercises are doing what they are intended to do. Having a mirror can help you correct form and can be a good alternative to having a personal trainer or teacher there to watch your form. 
Buy on Amazon for $48.99

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