Welcome, and thank you for purchasing a PhoneSoap 3 and a PhoneSoap Shine! We’ve included here a video tutorial of how to operate the PhoneSoap 3, as well as a short demonstration of the PhoneSoap Shine. Please contact us at (866) 432-0525 or for further questions – we are happy to help!


Can I leave my case/screen protector on my phone?

Yes! That is the part you touch, so we actually encourage you to leave them on so they get sanitized, too! When I close the lid after I finish using PhoneSoap, it starts another cycle.

Do I need to unplug it?

Nope! PhoneSoap was designed with this in mind so you are always putting your phone into a clean space. It does not use heat, so it is safe to let it run another cycle. The bulbs have a very long lifespan and it uses minimal energy.

How do I “lock” my phone?

This means you need to make sure your screen is disabled or turned off. For most smartphones, there is a button you regularly push to turn your screen on and off.

What else can I put inside PhoneSoap?

Anything that fits inside! Credit cards, key fobs, toothbrushes, pacifiers, you name it. As long as it fits and is not wet, you can sanitize it using PhoneSoap.

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