Like the rest of our disinfection tools, SurfaceSoap UV harnesses the power of UV-C light so you can quickly and easily kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* at home or on the go. The germicidal light destroys DNA, preventing germs from functioning or reproducing. It even neutralizes antibiotic-resistant superbugs, all without heat or chemicals.

Is UV-C light dangerous?

Ultraviolet light this potent can be harmful to humans if used in ways that would over-expose eyes or skin. Fortunately, PhoneSoap devices, like our UV wand, are designed for the controlled application of this highly effective, germicidal light.

We designed SurfaceSoap UV with safety top of mind.

Our UV wand puts that powerful germ-zapping light in the palm of your hand—literally. Considering our UV wand has 10x more power than most other wands on the market, you can be confident we designed SurfaceSoap UV with a solid list of safety features.

Safety feature #1: Twisting action to power on and off

Turning on the SurfaceSoap UV requires you to twist the top of the wand 180 degrees (halfway around). You do the same to turn it off. It’s enough of a twist to help protect you and prevent improper use of your new UV wand.

Safety feature #2: Smart bulb housing

The cap that houses the UV-C bulbs—the same cap you twist to turn on and off—features an innovative design that protects the bulbs and your eyes. This means the light shines on the selected surface without radiating too far beyond it.

Safety feature #3: Non-UV indicator light

The unit also features a non-UV indicator light on the opposite side that indicates when the UV light is on, off, or powering up. So you never have to look at the UV light directly.

Backed by Infinity Bulb Technology, those bulbs are gonna last for life.** We’d like your eyes to do the same.

Safety feature #4: Continuous-touch operation

After you’ve twisted the SurfaceSoap UV handle 180 degrees, you touch a small blue light ring for five seconds to warm it up. You must continue pressing it the entire time you’re using the wand. That touch-operated button will turn off automatically when there's no contact. You’ll never have to worry your UV wand is powered on when not in hand.

Safety feature #5: Protective hand guard

Capes are cool. That’s why we’ve outfitted our UV wand superhero with a cape-like fabric finger shade. It won’t help you leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it will protect your skin and eyes from UV-C light.

Keepin’ it real-ly out of reach

Because UV-C light is harmful, please keep SurfaceSoap UV away from children and pets. Despite the cool lights and saber-like design, it’s not a toy.

Click here to learn more about SurfaceSoap UV, including why our UV wand is way better than wipes.


*SurfaceSoap UV was tested by BIOSCIENCE LABORATORIES, LLC against Salmonella enterica (ATCC # 10708), Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC # 6538), and HCoV-OC43 (Zeptometrix #0810024CF). SurfaceSoap UV was tested by scanning glass slides containing these microbes and shown to kill up to 99.99% of the previously specified bacteria, and 99.9% of the specified virus strain. Tests were performed with the SurfaceSoap UV moving at 3 inches per second and held 1 inch from the exposed surface.
**UV wand comparisons were based on irradiance measured 1 inch from each device.
✝SurfaceSoap UV Infinity bulbs were tested by Stanley Electric Co. Ltd. and proven to satisfy the standard for the definition of life where UV-C irradiance reaches 50% of the initial irradiance (254 nm). In this instance, the definition of life is equivalent to approximately 50,000 hours.