Why is my AirSoap making occasional crackling noises?

This sound is normal if it’s occasional, maybe a few times an hour. The system is breaking apart allergens, dust, or particles that get collected in the filters. Rest assured, the AirSoap is doing its job.

Why is my AirSoap making loud zapping noises and shutting itself off?

This sounds like a build-up of crackling noises until a loud electrical zap shuts off the AirSoap, which will restart a few minutes later. This is caused by dirty filters creating friction between particles, causing small electrical arcs. Cleaning the AirSoap filters will solve this. Find in-depth cleaning instructions here.

Why is my AirSoap making a clattering noise?

When looking down into your AirSoap through the gray grill, do you see a silver circle between the crossbars? It is about 3 inches in diameter. If so, the cap is off. Take off the lid of the unit by using fingertips to apply pressure to the base of the grey lid, push in and pull up. Reach out to customer service for further assistance, if needed.

Why is my AirSoap beeping?

This could mean the filters were not inserted correctly, or the door to the back of the AirSoap is loose. Review this video to ensure it is correct: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIPc18TGjdQ&t=1s

If it continues to have irregular noises and flashing lights, there could be an issue with the motherboard. Please call our customer service line to set up a replacement.

Does the AirSoap produce ozone?

Yes, the AirSoap does produce ozone, but the AirSoap has the Activated Charcoal filter that breaks down ozone to less than 10 PPB. You are actually exposed to more ozone in a thunderstorm than with any of our products.

Why does my AirSoap have a red light?

If your AirSoap has a blinking red 'Auto' light on the top of the unit, it means it's time to clean the graphene collecting plates. For detailed instructions on how to do this, check out our Cleaning Guide. After this is done, hold down the Auto button for approximately 10 seconds until the light blinks. This will reset the unit. 

If the light from the bottom of your AirSoap is continuously red for more than 30 minutes, it means the air quality is hazardous. AirSoap detects mold, smoke, or large particles that cause dangerous air quality. 

Red light won't go away troubleshooting steps 

  • Is it in a garage? Commercial? Residential? This allows us to know the type of air and particles it is filtering. Ex: sawdust, aerosol products, etc. 
  • Is there a humidifier? Water particles register as larger particles, triggering the sensor. 
  • Try running with the windows closed 
  • Try running not next to a vent 
  • Ensure AirSoap is far away from a wall 
  • Run in a different room 
  • Clean the sensor- Open the small door, use q-tip (can be dry, can have rubbing alcohol) and wipe around black sensor - not the circuit board.
  • If the red light prevails in a specific room, get a air test for CO2, Radon, etc 

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