My HomeSoap lightning bolt is red.

This could be a few things:

  1. Most common issue: Your bulbs are dormant. Leave the HomeSoap door open for 30 minutes in a well ventilated and well-lit room. Change the mode of the machine a few times. If nothing changes, contact customer service for repair.


  2. Your bulbs are broken. Look at the ceiling and floor of your HomeSoap, where the bulbs reside. Do you see any cracks or shattered bulbs? If so, please contact customer service to send in your unit to be repaired.
  3. There is a wiring issue. If you do not see anything wrong with the bulbs and changing the mode of the device isn’t helping, please contact customer service for a repair.

I don't know what mode my HomeSoap is in.

There are two modes: automatic and manual.

Automatic: When your machine is plugged in, if you close the door of your HomeSoap and the lightning bolt lights up then your machine is in automatic mode. This means that your HomeSoap will run a 10-minute sanitation cycle anytime you close the door.

Manual: When plugged in, if the lightning bolt does not turn on when the door is closed, press down on the circle above the door. The lightning bolt should then turn on and run for a 10-minute sanitation cycle and turn off. When in this mode, the HomeSoap will not run a cycle without pressing the circle above the door.

How do you change modes?

With HomeSoap plugged in and the door closed, hold down on the circle above the door. This button is touch sensitive and only responds to slight pressure. Hold down on the circle for 3-10 seconds until the lightning bolt flashes. Once it flashes, the HomeSoap is in a different mode.

My HomeSoap has a weird smell.

All of our units are equipped with UV-C light technology which produces a minor amount of ozone, well below the required limit. Ozone within the chamber remains below .05 ppm at all times, which is the OSHA standard for ensuring lung health. Therefore, it is not dangerous!

It is not uncommon to notice a scent after the use of one of our devices; it is the ozone that produces the smell. It is an assurance that the light technology is working as it is intended to. It can be described as a similar smell of a doctor's office or a slight burning smell. No worries, that is just the smell of the germs being killed! It does not last long; it will dissipate after about 15 minutes or so.

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