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5 of the Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

5 of the Best Educational Apps for Toddlers

As electronics become more accessible to kids and babies, the controversial debate over whether or not staring at a screen is beneficial for their development continues. Here at PhoneSoap, we believe there is such a thing as too much screen time, but when playing with toys or outside in the backyard isn't an option (i.e., road trips, grocery store runs, rainy days, etc.) apps can be educational. 

Here are five of our favorite educational apps for the tiny tots in your home. 

1) AlphaTots Alphabet

Description: "A" is for action in the fun app that uses 26 action verbs to help toddlers learn the ABCs. Whether they're building robots, digging for treasure, or zapping alien spaceships, they'll have a blast learning all of the letters and their sounds. 

"AlphaTots is the gold standard of ABC flash card apps." - USA Today

 You can find the rest of this awesome series here

 2) Drive About Numbers

Description: Drive, fly, or sail around Number Neighborhood, day or night, in a delightful world filled with early math. 

The women at What Moms Love say "Drive About has a sort of Candy Land vibe where you move your mode of transportation (from cars to submarines to rockets and hot air balloons) to different challenges and games related to numbers and sequencing."

3) Sago Mini Puppy Preschool 

Description: Inspire early learning in this irresistibly cute app! Introduce little ones to numbers, shape recognition, matching and music fun with adorable puppies. Join Harvey and friends in 4 interactive activities designed to encourage learning through play. Dunk 10 fun-loving puppies into a giant outdoor tub to develop counting skills! Match toys, bones, and socks to play fetch with Stella the pug! Explore "barking" musical notes on a spectacular puppy piano! Have fun practicing color recognition and sorting to feed your furry friends!

Great for your tiny dog lovers! 

4) Toca Doctor

Description: Toca Doctor is an innovative app that introduces children to the medical profession and the human body while making it fun with creative mini-games. 

Examine a patient and solve fun puzzles and mini-games that take place in the human body. Beautiful artwork and fun sounds guide your kids through 21 different puzzles! 

5) Fish School HD

Description: A playful underwater experience with 8 educational activities, this award-winning app teaches letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more. Watch colorful fish create letters; recognize numbers and learn to count from 1 to 20; follow fish as they form shapes; and touch, tap, and drag to make fish and other colorful sea life do funny things. The app has received the following awards: Parents' Choice Award and the Children's Technology Review Editor's Choice Award. 

Before they start and when they're done, be sure to sanitize their devices in a HomeSoap to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* and help prevent the spread of germs in your home. 

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