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7 Gifts for Disorganized Friends

7 Gifts for Disorganized Friends

We all have that one friend who could use some help organizing their life. Not only is their house in disarray, but it seems like they’re always forgetting about important dates and running 20 minutes behind schedule. 

Or maybe this person sounds like you and you’re looking for products that might help you become more organized so you’re not known as the “disordered friend.”  


2021 Planner

Keeping track of all the birthdays, school plays, and parent-teacher conferences is overwhelming, but it's much more manageable when you can see the important events for each day. A monthly planner will clearly organize all your events so you don’t forget a thing. 

If you prefer to keep a calendar on your phone, you can sync it with your spouse and kids so you can coordinate with each other’s schedules.  

Available on Amazon for $19.99.  


IKEA shoe cabinet 

IKEA Organizing Cabinets

Have you ever taken two steps into someone’s house and tripped on all the shoes scattered by the front doorThis shoe cabinet will look like a classy addition to your décor without resembling tacky piece of storage. It can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes and discreetly hides them away, and off the ground, so they’re not the cause of any slipping.  

Available on IKEA for $99 


Food storage container lid holder 

Snap Lid Containers

The worst part about unloading the dishwasher is putting away the food storage containers. It seems like there are way more lids compared to containersand it’s nearly impossible to keep everything from toppling over. Luckily, this reusable plastic container lid holder can organize all the lids, so you can quickly put away leftovers without having to search for the right one.  

Available on Amazon for $21.95.  


Woven baskets 

Woven basket holding blankets

Wicker baskets are a secret weapon when it comes to keeping a home stylish and tidy. They can store (and hide) a lot of clutter. Place one next to your front door for a quick catch-all for shoes and umbrellas so they don’t end up strewn all over the house. Or store it next to the end of the sofa to fill with fluffy blankets and pillows—perfect for impromptu movie nights.  

Available on Amazon for $22.97  


Acrylic bins 

Plastic bins for food

Acrylic bins are perhaps the most versatile of organizers. Their clear silhouette allows you see the interior contents without compromising the décor of your home. Put them in your fridge to corral condiments or fill them with winter sweaters in your closet.  

Available on Amazon for $59.99.  


Broom and tool organizer 

Broom and tool holder/organizer

If you’re like most people, your cleaning closet is a disaster. Any time you open the door, a bunch of brooms and mops fall out. How can you call it a “cleaning closet” when it’s not even clean? This organizer mounts to your wall and easily holds up to five tools, like brooms, mops, and dusters. Plus, it has hooks so you can easily keep track of scrubbing brushes and rags.  

Available on Amazon for $13.97.  


Patio storage bench 

Padded storage bin

Say goodbye to a backyard strewn with ballsgardening tools, pool toys, and other lawn games. Leaving toys outside gets cluttery, and they can become damaged by moisture and the sun. This patio storage bench will protect your belongings from the elements and create additional seating so you can host more guests for outdoor dinner parties in the summer.  

Available on Amazon for $109.93.

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