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7 Gifts for Someone Who is Sick

7 Gifts for Someone Who is Sick

Whether your friend has come down with a nasty cold or contracted COVID-19, they’re most likely in bed, under the weather both physically and mentally. Being sick can put a damper on one’s spirits because, of course, they must miss out on work and social events to avoid spreading illness. These thoughtful gifts are guaranteed to brighten their spirits and either help aid their recovery or make their sick days more comfortable.  


Tea Bag Set  


Tea Bag Set

A warm cup of herbal tea can help ease the symptoms of the cold or flu. Sometimes being sick can cause insomnia, but teas like chamomile can help lull them to a comforting sleep. Or, ginger and peppermint tea can ease nausea and digestive issues. This set of ten tea samplers will allow them to experiment with tea and learn which varieties they prefer best!  

Available on Amazon for $20.99.  


Fluffy Blanket 


Fluffy Blanket on a couch

Sick or not, everyone needs a soft blanket in their lives. Whether your friend uses it to take a recovery nap or to watch a silly comedy, they will be happy to cuddle with this warm blanket. This blanket is cute enough to look folded over the arm of a sofa or folded at the end of a bed.  

Available on Amazon for $25.44.  


Homemade Dinner 

Chicken Noodle Soup


Who wants to cook when they’re feverish and sniffling in bed? Your friend will be incredibly grateful to have a warm meal that they didn’t have to prepare themselves. Shoot them a text in the morning and offer to bring over dinner that evening so they don’t have to stress about it later. Drop off Tupperware containers of chicken noodle soup, crusty bread, and fresh fruit for a healthier, yet comforting meal. 

Try out this chicken noodle recipe from Jessica Gavin that will be sure to please your sick friendand your family, because there will be plenty of leftovers!  


Epsom Soaking Salts 


Dr. Teal's Epsom Soaking Salts

There’s just something about a warm bath that can wash away even the toughest of days. Studies show that soaking in a bath full of Epsom salt can ease the body aches that fevers often bring. Bonus points if you give them the bag of Epsom salt infused with eucalyptus and spearmint, because the menthol can clear congestion and ease throat irritation 

 Two bags of Dr. Teal’s are available on Amazon for $19.95 




Bundle of flowers

Who doesn’t like a bright bouquet of flowers? Not only do they smell lovely, but they can bring life into any stuffy room. Ask your friend what their favorite flowers are (or do some research on their Pinterest page), so you don’t grab a bouquet that they’re allergic to! Because cut flowers can die rather quickly, buy them a potted cactus or succulent, which are very low maintenance 


Journal (and Pens) 


Being sick is painful, uncomfortable, and at the very least, an inconvenience. Recovery, however, can be a gentle reminder to slow down and take time for reflection. Encourage your friend to record their thoughts. They may find it very relieving to write down their frustrations, struggles, goals, and dreams without judgement from others. Write a sweet note on the first page about how much you value their friendship, which will be sure to lift their spirits.  

Available on Amazon for $11.99.  



PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

Did you know that the flu viruses can last on your phone’s screen for several hoursAnd, those germs will live on every surface you touch, including keys, eyeglasses, headphones, and more. The PhoneSoap, a UV-C light sanitizer device, will kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria to prevent the spread of sickness. Give the gift of PhoneSoap to your friend, which they can use during AND after their recovery. 

Available on starting at $79.95.  

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  • Janet Davis
    Janet DavisDecember 07, 2020
    I have a phone soap that I bought after seeing you on Shark Tank, I am in the medical field and so very useful . . . even before Covid. Was wondering if it is repairable, the power input- inside the case- is broke or moving, it is not attached to the inside board. Appreciate any feedback.

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