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7 Tips for A Successful First Day of School

7 Tips for A Successful First Day of School

The first day of school is filled with enough unknowns, so why not minimize the number of questions you and your children have and set the tone for a successful year? Here are our best tips for making sure that happens. 

1. Establish the house routine ahead of time. Make sure your kids know exactly when they need to wake up and leave the house. Some other questions you may consider: Will homework be done after school or dinner? When is bedtime? Getting enough sleep is especially important. Many studies have shown that kids who get a good night's rest perform better in school. If everyone is aware of the new schedule beforehand, there will be less confusion and arguments about it later.

2. Organize, organize. Did you pick up any paperwork or permission slips at registration you need to return? Making sure you have everything ready to go will eliminate some last-minute to-do items.

3. Prepare for a new class of germs. With summer over and school back in session, flu season is just around the corner. It’s incredibly easy for germs to spread in the classroom, so send your children with a handheld hand sanitizer for their backpack and keep a PhoneSoap 3 or HomeSoap in your home.


A child does homework at a desk by a PhoneSoap 3


4. Prepare what you can the night before. If there is anything you can do at night to make the morning easier, do it. Decide ahead of time if your kids should pack a lunch or if they need money for school lunch. You can also lay out the clothes they’ll be wearing and pack backpacks with all the necessary supplies.

5. Stock up on snacks and water. Speaking of packing backpacks, throw a water bottle and some extra snacks in their backpacks to help keep them focused and comfortable throughout the day.

6. Have your children check out the clubs and extracurriculars available through school. If there aren’t any that interest them, talk to other kids and their parents to see what they’ll be busy with after school. Hobbies and activities are a great and healthy way to decompress from the stresses of school.

7. Get to know the teachers. Give them a heads up on anything they might need to know about your child and ask how they prefer you communicate with them throughout the year (e.g. email, in-office visits, etc.). 

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