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Back to School: A Basic Essentials Checklist for All Ages

Back to School: A Basic Essentials Checklist for All Ages

Multiple kids? Any kindergarten or high school first-timers? So much to do, so much to buy! Feeling overwhelmed? I’m here for you!

Remember to check with their teachers, but you shouldn’t need much else other than what’s on this list, so look no further. I even found everything for you on Amazon - a few clicks and you can cross this list off YOUR list while wearing pajamas and watching Netflix. 

Because these are basic supplies, you will find a need for them eventually. If your kids don’t need them all in their backpack every day, create a small area in your home for storing extra supplies. That way, you won’t ever find yourself running to Walmart late at night for a project due the next day!   

You’ll find a lot of repeaters on these lists, so make sure you’re buying the correct quantity according to the number of children in your home and their ages!

K-5 Checklist

6-8 Checklist

9-12 Checklist

College Checklist

Anyone who has been to college knows that it’s A LOT different than high school. The organizational system that worked for me may not work for your college student, and that’s okay! They will at least need the basics: 

If you haven’t already, check out our Tips for Parents blog during this Back to School season!

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