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8 Gifts for the Beauty Guru in Your Life

8 Gifts for the Beauty Guru in Your Life

I had my first experience at ULTA when I was 12. It was a magical wonderland filled with clouds of citrusy perfumes, tweezers (it was the early 2000s so ultra-thin eyebrows were big…or, er…small?), and lots and lots and LOTS of eyeshadow. 

It was amazing, and I vowed from that day forward to only wear high-end makeup that made me feel like a queen. (Spoiler alert: that dream quickly ended a few weeks later when I received $17 for a five-hour babysitting job. I am still bitter and only slightly ashamed to admit it.) 

16 years later, I still am enamored with makeup, hair care, and all things beauty, so naturally I thought I’d create a list of 8 things every beauty guru in your life needs this Christmas. Ready, set… SLEIGH! (BRB, am busy wheezing @ my totally unoriginal joke.)


Lizush Gift box

#1: Lizush Gift Box

Price: $66 on

A friend of mine sent me one of these for my birthday a couple of months ago and I. AM. OBSESSED. From the shower steamer that basically turns your bathroom into a soothing spa to the scented body oil that will have you feeling all kinds of ~fancy~, the recipient of this gift is sure to be pampered for weeks to come.


Revlon Hair Dryer

#2: Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Price: $43.15 on Amazon

This little guy is truly the MVP of hair styling tools. According to reviewers, it cuts your styling time in half while simultaneously delivering salon-quality volume and shine. Can you say win/win/win?


uv nail light

#3: UV LED Nail Lamp

Price: $26.99 on Amazon

Boasting 4.5 stars from its more than 10,000 reviews, this nail lamp is a fan favorite. This quick nail dryer offers overheating protection, three different timers, and works with nearly any gel nail polish — and to top it all off, it’s super affordable!


Maelove serum trio

#4: Maelove’s Serum Trio

Price: $67.08 on

These three serums are EVERYTHING: Glow Maker fights against aging and improves skin pigmentation; Hydrator gives you gorgeous, dewy skin; and NIA 10 diminishes large, inflamed pores and helps with acne and rosacea. We’re obsessed.


HomeSoap UV Sanitizer

#5: The HomeSoap

Price: $199.95 on our site

The HomeSoap is a must-have for every beauty lover out there. Beauty tools (especially makeup brushes) are kiiind of, sort of, ABSOLUTELY a hotbed of germs that can be tricky to disinfect! Enter HomeSoap. Just stick your beauty tools in and ten minutes later they’re sanitized and ready to go. It’s basically magic.


Zodica perfume

#6: Zodica Perfume

Price: $40 on or

This unique gift for the beauty lover in your life is based on the receiver’s zodiac sign. Each sign’s perfume is a little different, from scents with more citrus notes to others with more woodsy undertones. Trust us: you don’t have to read the stars to know they’ll love this gift.

Glossier brow duo beauty


#7: Glossier’s Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo

Price: $30 on

Brows are the drapes to the eyes which are the windows to the face. Or something. But seriously, brows are an essential part of every beauty-lover’s routine, and Glossier’s brow duo is second to none. It gives you gorgeous, full brows in no time, and Boy Brow gives you five color options to choose from. We’re sold!


NARS beauty palette suede

#8: NARS Voyageur Eyeshadow Palette in Suede

Price: $32 on or

It’s only got six shades, but honestly, this eyeshadow palette is what dreams are made of. Each shade looks fabulous on a variety of skin tones, and the pigment is just… *chef’s kiss* — you’re going to love it. Yes, you, because you’re going to see how incredible it looks on your makeup-loving friend and you’re inevitably going to purchase one for yourself. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.


What beauty gifts are YOU most excited about this holiday season? Share in the comments! 


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