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8 Gifts for the World Traveler

8 Gifts for the World Traveler

Do you have that one friend who is always posting Instagram pictures of her work trip to Paris or her relaxing vacation in Cancun? It feels like they’re always packing for their next adventure and running to catch their flight. Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, can be stressful, but these products will make their trips much easier.  


Luggage Scale 

Samsonite Luggage Scale

There’s nothing worse than 
packing for a vacation and getting charged extra by your airline because your suitcase went over the weight limit. Knowing that your suitcase weighs exactly 47 pounds will eliminate the frantic redistribution of hair dryers and running shoes at check in. Simply attach this compact luggage scale to the handle and lift- it can’t get easier than that.  

Available on Amazon for $10.00. 


Neck Pillow 

Tallgo Travel Neck Pillow

Traveling can be tiring and stressful, especially on long haul flights where all you need is a good nap. Airplane seats are often cramped, so it’s difficult to get comfortable if you don’t have the right travel gear. This memory foam neck pillow ilarge enough to support your head and neck, but it’s not too big so it will take up precious space for snacks and magazines.  

Available on Amazon for $16.99. 


360-degree Wheeling Suitcase 

Hard case, 4-wheel luggage set

This more expensive gift is sure to be the highlight of your favorite traveler’s birthday or Christmas. Replace their old, broken suitcase from their college days with this newer, sleek model. B for Bag says, “360-degree rotation spinner wheels allow you to pull, push, and turn the bag in any direction with minimum effort. This makes it easy to maneuver spinners in tight and busy places, like airport and train stations.”  

Available on Amazon for $69.99. 


RFID Travel Wallet

Travel wallet for cards and bills

When you’re traveling, you have to keep track of foreign bills, credit cards, airplane tickets, your passport, and much more. It’s easy for those things to get lost in the sightseeing bustle, but his travel wallet will organize all of your important documents. It also offerprotection from RFID scanner theft, where some dishonest people can steal your credit card information just in a close proximity to your bag 

Available on Amazon for $29.99. 


Packing Cubes 

Organizing packing cubes

When you have plans to swim with dolphins or zip-line over a rainforest, you don’t want to spend all your time rummaging through your suitcase for an outfitInvest in a quality set of packing cubes, which will help you to know exactly where your jeans and pajamas are stowed away.  

Available from To & Fro for $45.00. 


Scratch-off World Map 

Framed world map for tracking traveling

Does your friend have a goal to see every country in the world? This world map will help them keep track of all the places they’ve traveled. Once they return from a trip abroad, they can scratch off the gold foil to reveal color underneath. Displayed in a nice picture frame, this is the best way to bring your travels into your home décor.  

Available from Scratch Your Travel for $24.99


Portable Charger


Imagine you’re lost in a foreign country where no one speaks English...and your phone is dead (probably from using Google translate or taking too many pictures). It can be terrifying not to be able to communicate with your lost group or find your way back to your hotel, so it’s important that your phone is charged. Pack this portable charger so that you cakeep being a tourist without the fuss.  

Available on Amazon for $27.99. 


Travel Books 

National Geographic "Destinations of a Lifetime"

Think your friend has been everywhere in the world? Think again. There’s probably some country that they haven’t checked off their bucket list, or maybe there’s an obscure destination they haven’t even considered. Get them a book about a lesser traveled country, like Vanuatu or Bhutan, and before you know it, they will be dying to check it out. Who knows, maybe they’ll even let you tag along this time!  

Available on Amazon for $19.97. 


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