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Does PhoneSoap Really Work?

Does PhoneSoap Really Work?

Do our products really work? We wouldn't be here if it didn't, right? But you're wanting the cold hard facts and I'm going to give them to you!

UV-C Light Technology

In order to understand how the device works, you first need to understand UV-C light and its germicidal capabilities. Essentially, UV-C light destroys nucleic acids and dismantles bacteria DNA. With their DNA broken, bacteria cease to function and reproduce and the organisms die. For more information on that and the differences between the three different types of UV rays, check out my blog on UV-C technology.

Using PhoneSoap

Using the device is easy. You simply plug it in, lay your phone down, (doesn't matter which way since there are bulbs on the top and the bottom), and close the lid. The external blue indicator will turn on for 10 minutes, and then the device automatically shuts off and your phone is CLEAN. I know what you're thinking — "What does she mean by clean?" I'll show you. Here are the before and after results of a phone that was run through a PhoneSoap cycle: 

Petri dishes

What About Alcohol Wipes?

We've heard this before, too! Our answer is this: They aren't as effective as you think! There are a few reasons why this is the case. Alcohol must be applied correctly in order for it to even perform at all, not to mention it can't reach the crevices in your phone like UV light can. Additionally, it lacks the capability to kill hydrophilic viruses, which are more resistant to chemicals. Want to know more? I go into detail about using alcohol on your phone here.

Here are the results of a phone before using an alcohol wipe, after using an alcohol wipe, and then after using PhoneSoap

Petri dishes showing bacteria on phones after alcohol vs. PhoneSoap

You can see that while the alcohol did kill some, there's still quite a bit of bacteria left on the phone that is completely wiped out after it's sanitized by PhoneSoap

Still Skeptical?

Luckily, you don't just have to take our word for it, there are others out there that have done their own tests! Dan Anderson of ordered a PhoneSoap and his own Petri dishes for a science experiment at home. You can read all about his results and thoughts here.

Petri dishes on experiment for Dad Logic

The hosts on Delmarva Life decided to take it to the lab and check out the process for themselves. You can watch it all go down in this video: 


Want more? Channel 11 took our products to U.S. Micro Solutions Lab and compared how well PhoneSoap did next to some other UV devices. They found ours passed the test! 

You've got nothing to lose...except for harmful bacteria and that flu virus going around.

How Long Does the PhoneSoap Last?

Great question! The bulbs used in PhoneSoap devices have a lifespan of 4,000 hours. No, that is not a typo. We offer a lifetime warranty on the bulbs as well, so if they ever burn out prematurely we will replace them at no cost to you. 

To purchase a PhoneSoap 3 or a HomeSoap, visit our products page.

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  • Tammy Seitel
    Tammy SeitelMarch 24, 2020

    I am now obsessed with your product, especially after watching the school teacher video (and I forwarded that to a kindergarten teacher I know!). I think you might have a huge opportunity for college campuses – my daughter is a freshman on the east coast and I just bought her one too. Would be an amazing “must have” for any off-to-college supply list.

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