Personalizing Your PhoneSoap

Personalizing Your PhoneSoap

We've always been about giving the gift of clean, but now we want to kick it up a notch.

Whether it's for yourself or for a loved one, now your PhoneSoap unit can do more than just sanitize your phone. With a custom personalization, it can send a message!

We use a UV printer to customize each of the following sanitizers:

Silver PhoneSoap 3

PhoneSoap 3

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Indigo PhoneSoap Go

PhoneSoap Go

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White PhoneSoap Wireless

PhoneSoap Wireless

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Where is the personalization located?

The personalization will be centered vertically under the PhoneSoap lightning bolt on top of the unit.


Font Details

We use Proxima Nova Bold for a crisp, clean, and classic look.

White or Black font color is available for each unit. Keep in mind that Black font on a Black unit will be a little more subtle than Black font on a lighter color like Silver or Gold, but still legible. Same goes for White font on a White unit. Take a look at our color options here.

The character limit for line 1 is 56 characters and will be 18 point font. The character limit for line 2 is 72 characters and will be 12 point font. If there are any issues with the length of your submitted text, one of our customer support representatives will be in touch.


How to Order

On each product page underneath the color options, you'll notice these add-ons:

Once you check the box next to "Add Text Personalization + $10.00" your text boxes will appear, like this: 

From there, you will select your print color and fill in one or both lines of text with your desired personalization. Print color and Line 1 are required. From there, add to cart and check out!

How much does it cost?

Personalizing the unit costs a flat fee of $10. 


Color combinations


Return Policy

Personalized PhoneSoap units cannot be returned for a refund. As with all of our UV-C products, we offer a lifetime warranty on the unit that covers manufacturing defects. Should your bulbs burn out prematurely, we will replace those at no cost to you. For manufacturing issues that cannot be solved by replacing bulbs or hardware, we will send you a replacement unit with your original personalization. In the case that your original product or color choice is not available, you will receive the upgraded product in its place in the color of your choice and a new personalization.


More questions?

Contact us! We are happy and eager to help. We can be reached by phone at 866-432-0525, or by email at 


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Kelli Posted on

Hi there! Yes, our products are compatible with all smartphones. The inner dimensions of the PhoneSoap 3, Go, and Wireless are 6.8 L x 3.74 W x .78 H inches if you’d like to double check. You can order through the product page of our website or call 866-432-0525 and our customer service team can help you!

Valli Agent-Pope Posted on
We have Samsung S8+ and the Note Smartphones. Does your product support those larger sizes and if so how do we order them on your site.

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