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HomeSoap vs. Common Household Items

HomeSoap vs. Common Household Items

At the end of the day, your home should be a place that keeps you safe from ALL types of unwanted house guests—germs included.


We put together a list of common household items that can fit inside the HomeSoap to keep your house as germ-free as possible.*


1. Kitchen Sink Sponge

Recently, highlighted a study done by researchers at Germany’s Furtwangen University: 362 various types of bacteria were found across 14 different kitchen sponges. They found that some of the bacteria were the types also found on toilet seats, like E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella. Unsurprisingly, the average kitchen sponge is a prime candidate for creating a bacteria playground since the moisture it holds serves as a catalyst for the germs to breed and grow.


2. TV Remote 

We’re not here to scare you away from your Netflix binging—we just thought you should be aware. We recently tested a remote belonging to someone in the PhoneSoap office (we’re not going to name names). Here are the before and after results. We think they speak for themselves.



3. Toothbrush

The National Center for Biotechnology Information ran several experiments on the potential of contamination of toothbrushes. They found that most toothbrushes harbor pathogenic microorganisms. In the same study, they even tested the effects of UV-C light against bacteria found on toothbrushes and found that the light kills it . . . but we already knew that.


4. Teddy Bear

This is another item we’ve tested against UV-C lights in our local lab. Here are the results:



We know what you’re thinking—gross. One quick cycle in the HomeSoap and your little ones can continue to use the one thing they can’t go without.  


5. Pet Toys

We love our pets just as much as you do, so we’ll keep this short to lessen the pain. The National Sanitation Foundation found that 23 percent of pet toys harbored Staphylococcus, 55 percent harbored yeasts and molds, and 14 percent were found with coliform bacteria. But don’t panic! We can help you get rid of those scary statistics.


With the help of HomeSoap, you can cook, play, and sleep easy knowing that the next time you squeeze the sponge, pick up the remote, or throw that squeaky toy, you haven’t put yourself at risk.

*HomeSoap has been tested by an independent, 3rd party laboratory to be 99.9% effective against Salmonella, E. coli, MRSA, Staphylococcus, Coronavirus 229Ein. It has been tested on headphones, jewelry and baby bottles. HomeSoap has also been tested to be 99.9% effective against salmonella using ASTM 3535 for efficacy of UV light on hard non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, and plastics.

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