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PhoneSoap Used in Hospitals

September 26, 2017 | By Customer Service

The technology that makes PhoneSoap so good at killing germs has long been a part of the cleaning regiment in hospitals. However, now there are hospitals all over the country utilizing our chargers. Perhaps they just like the sleek and stylish design, or they love that the technology they are using is really working. You can rest assured that the product you’re using is trusted by the best doctors around the country.

Hospitals and healthcare locations throughout the country are utilizing PhoneSoap to keep their facilities sanitary. Whether it is cleaning a personal or healthcare device, PhoneSoap strives to keep infection rates down wherever its products are placed.

UV-C light is already being used in hospitals and clean rooms throughout the world because it has been proven to effectively penetrate and disarm bacteria. The light will sanitize any surface it touches. PhoneSoap has adapted this technology to be portable and accessible to the average healthcare provider.

As technology has advanced, healthcare providers utilize tablets, smartphones, and other devices more and more. As doctors and nurses move from room to room, it’s not hard to imagine the spread of germs and bacteria. Likewise, every individual entering a healthcare facility brings with them germs from the outside. PhoneSoap offers simple, effective solutions that allow doctors, nurses, patients, and visitors a way to completely cut off the spread of phone-borne illness. PhoneSoap products have been used in nursing stations, waiting rooms, and NICUs, and we hope to serve your home as well!

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