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10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

In the past, Valentine’s Day gifts were almost exclusively exchanged between those in a relationship. Now, it’s much more common to give something special to all the special people in your lives — it’s the Day of Love after all! Whether you're shopping for your sweetheart, friend, sister, or mom, they will certainly love any of these thoughtful gifts.  

Barefoot Dreams Blanket 

Cheetah Print Pink blanket

This must-have blanket has a steep price tag for a reason. Not only will its cozy material stay plush even after hundreds of washes, but there are also a wide variety of colors and prints available that will be sure to look great in their home. Plus, the Kardashian sisters swear by Barefoot Dreams blankets, so they must be good, right?  

Available on for $180.00.


Herbivore Botanicals Skincare 

Skincare box with different products

Everyone loves the occasional spa nightThere is nothing better than watching a cheesy chick flick, eating ice cream, and pampering yourself after a stressful day at work. This particular skincare set comes with an assortment of facial products and even a rose quartz gua sha stone, which is perfect for a relaxing massage.  

Available on for $58.00. 


Daily Harvest Subscription 

Daily Harvest frozen meals in cups

This is a thoughtful gift for the busy woman who struggles to find time to cook healthy meals. Daily Harvest is a subscription service that offers a variety of meals such as smoothiesharvest bowlsand flatbreads that stay preserved in the freezer until ready to eat. Each item is crafted with fresh, wholesome ingredients that will give her nourishment and energy to power through each day. They will be grateful to not have to stress about making a healthy breakfast in the early morning or cooking dinner after a tiresome day. 

Gift cards available on from $50-$200. 


Lululemon Leggings 

Green leggings on model

Is your special lady the outdoorsy typeA spin class regular? Or even a serial Netflix binger? Whatever they likethey will love a pair of Lululemon leggings. The buttery soft material is incredibly comfortable and flexible for any activity — whether it’s going for a hikerunning errandstraveling, or just lounging around the house.  

Align Tights available on for $98 


Hydro Flask 

White Hydro Flask water bottle

With the temptation of smoothies, sodas, and iced coffee beverages, it can be easy to forget about drinking water. The average adult woman requires about 11.5 cups of water per day to be properly hydrated, so they should always have a bottle on hand. Gift a Hydro Flask, a spacious water bottle, that will keep cold beverages chilled for up to 24 hours and hot beverages warm for up to 12.  

Available on Amazon for $44.95. 


Mejuri Earrings 

Woman with a gold hoop earring

Cheap earrings can cause irritation and discoloration to the earlobe, which will eventually lead to infection. Say goodbye to chintzy metals and fake stones and say hello to expertly crafted accessories that have been thoughtfully designed. Mejuri jewelry offers a wide variety of styles that are timeless, classic, and most importantly, sustainable and ethically made 

"Small Hoops" available on for $55.  


Gel Nail Kit 

Gel light and nail polish

Having your nails freshly manicured just gives you a boost of confidence like no other. Sadly, salons are expensive, and the polish always chips in a matter of hours. Why spend the money and the disappointment at a salon when you can get a perfect, long-lasting manicure at home? This gel nail kit has a variety of colors, activating gels, and a UV light to give you the manicure you’ve always wanted! Give this kit to a close friend for V-Day and they will definitely invite you over to try it out. Matching mani-pedis, anyone? 

Available on Amazon for $28.99. 


Rifle Paper Co. Phone Case 

Floral phone case

Say goodbye to the phone cases that not only are unstylish, but also too bulky to even fit in your pocket. While protective, they just don’t have any personality! If your Valentine has an ugly—or even embarrassing phone case—now is the time to nudge them in the right direction. Rifle Paper Co. covers are simple, well-designed, AND protective.  

Available on for $38.00. 



Colorful hammock set up

Looking forward to warm weather and outdoor adventures? Hammocking is a great summer activity that allows you relax while still getting outside and in the sunshine. This hammock is spacious enough for two people, yet it folds in a bag that’s slightly larger than your hand. Hook ibetween trees in a backyard, park, beach, or hiking trail and have a blast “hanging out!” 

Double Nest Hammock available on for $69.95. 



Black and Orchid Open UV Phone Sanitizers

Got a germaphobe in your life? Or maybe you’re the one who is a little disgusted about their gross habits (I.e, taking their phone into the bathroom or sneezing onto their screen). PhoneSoap is a UV-C sanitizer box that will kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria in just 10 minutes. It can also clean keys, credit cards, headphones, and much more, so that you can have more peace of mind that your belongings are free of illness-causing germs. 

PhoneSoap 3 available on for $79.95.  

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