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  • Universal Cell Phone Charger
  • Acoustic Audio Amplifier

  • Simply Amazing

    Posted by Derrin Hill on 11/22/2013

    Knowing the things picked up by my phone in airports, at work, in schools, and so many other places it is great to finally know it is now being sterilized each time I charge it in my PhoneSoap.
    PhoneSoap is well designed and is a brilliant solution bringing health and happiness to a nearly universal problem of germs and illness.

  • The Wait For A CLEAN is over! Phonesoap is here!!!

    Posted by Nicole on 11/22/2013

    I'm so excited ! I finally got my Phonesoap charger!!! I LOVE it! It's so easy to use and worth every penny I spent! I have an iphone 5 phone and it fits perfectly and charges great! I put my own charger cord in the device and it fit great. I also have the Phonesoap polish and it makes my screen like new and works on my screen protector. The tube of polish lasts for a long time. Definitely worth getting. My kids all use my Phonesoap device as well to clean their different iPods and phones. They are all different and they all fit in the device with no problem ! Knowing that all my kids phones and devices are germ free (as well as mine) gives me great peace of mind! I highly recommend buying this charger!!

  • It's here!

    Posted by Casi on 11/22/2013

    I had to wait, but it was worth it. Glad it's released. Honestly, I swear my phone smells cleaner too.

  • An exception product

    Posted by Tanner on 11/22/2013

    Worth the wait! Very well made, charges my phone great and keeps my phone and ipod device germ free. So glad this product is out on the market!

  • Excellent product.

    Posted by David on 11/25/2013

    I received my Phonesoap over the weekend and just had to try it out. Setup is simple, iPhone 5 fits without any issues, so does my wife's S4. I ordered some as gifts for the family, I'm sure they'll love it.

    I feel good knowing that I can eliminate germs on my phone without having to use a Clorox wipe all the time to sanitize my phone. The polish works great too.

    Came a long way since Kickstarter. Good work guys.

  • VP

    Posted by Greg on 11/29/2013

    Just received our new PhoneSoaps (one for home and one for the office). Nice product - good looking design And they worked right out of the box, just plug into the wall and use. I appreciate that is doubles as a charger and sanitizer, handling both tasks simultaneously, but my primary interest is in the sanitizing capability, which can be accomplished without having to plug in the phone for a charge. I love that I can just open the lid, place my iPhone 5S inside (or anything else that fits), close the lid and a few minutes later it is completely germ free. I'm tempted to carry one in my computer bag or the car as I am constantly shaking hands, opening doors or handling money and then using my phone again. Maybe you guys should consider adding an optional 9V car adapter.

  • Seems to Work for Me

    Posted by Nico Reed on 12/28/2013

    Well, I ordered and put it on my desk at work where we work a lot with cell phones. After a while, everyone else in the group was getting sick one by one and at one point both people directly next to me were out sick, but I wasn't affected at all. So in my experience, it worked quite well.

    Also, I love calling it a tanning booth for my phone which is a lot of fun.

  • What's not to like???

    Posted by Dave on 01/22/2015

    Our family has been using our PhoneSoap device multiple times a day for more than 6 months, and we love it. No problems with it at all. It's easy to use, it looks nice, and the build quality is high.

    Using liquids and sprays to clean a phone can harm the phone. PhoneSoap does no harm, and there's no cleaning hassle. We'd buy it again without hesitation. (Can't wait to get the larger one the company's working on that will fit our iPhone 6 Plus and our iPads.) As George Costanza's mother often said on the "Seinfeld" TV show, "What's not to like???"

  • Good product, not great execution

    Posted by Geoff on 02/09/2015

    The product seemed to work as advertised, however, I was disappointed to realize that the standard iPhone cable does not fit within the holder without spending the time to wrap it extremely tightly. If you already have specific iPhone cables created, you should include that as an option when purchasing the charger instead of receiving the usb cable. It should not be the consumer's responsibility to spend extra on a cable just because your product was not designed with the standard cable size in mind. $60 is already a lot to spend on a charger, so I don't think this request is unreasonable. Because of this, I can only give a 3 star rating, even though I appreciate that this product was created.

  • Have you "PhoneSoaped" today?

    Posted by Vicki on 03/14/2015

    Like most, I have a special relationship with the device that keeps me connected, organized, informed--my phone. However, I hadn't considered that my phone also keeps me covered in harmful bacteria. That is until I watched this company on SharkTank graphically show how a swab from a typical phone could grow forests of bacteria in a pietry dish.They claimed their device could kill all the bacteria using a UV light. All the SharkTank investors but one, the woman from QVC, asserted that consumers simply wouldn't care. However, one consumer, ME, couldn't get out of my mind the idea that my hands and face were constantly touching an object that could be making me and others sick I checked out the PhoneSoap website to learn more. There I found this mini documentary put together by an independent party that went into great detail about their experiment sampling phones and consistently finding them covered in bacteria related to everything gross you could imagine (yes, including fecal matter). They then re-ran the experiments after they'd used PhoneSoap and found no bacteria--that's right, none.

    So I decided to order the device worrying that I'd yet again bought a device that wouldn't work or would disappoint me and would end up in my pile-O-electronics in my garage. It arrived quickly and with almost no set up, I "PhoneSoaped" my iPhone6. After, I actually felt a sense of RELIEF; I was doing what I could to keep myself germ free, and to help me stop from spreading germs to others. Now, when anyone walks in my house, the first thing I offer them after a drink is a PhoneSoap. (BTW, I also PhoneSoap my keys, tweezers, and anything else that will fit in the device.) If we meet in person, you can be sure I've PhoneSoaped before I shake your hand.

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The only phone charger that cleans while it charges.

You charge your phone every day, but do you clean your phone as much? PhoneSoap Charger is proud to be the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone while it charges. Now you can augment your daily charge with a sanitizing process. With PhoneSoap, a charged phone is a clean phone.


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Phone Safe

There are lots of ways to sanitize your phone, such as with soap, bleach or fire, but there are no completely safe options. Until now. PhoneSoap Charger is the safest and most complete way to kill all the bacteria growing on your phone. It does not use any of the methods that will damage your phone – Just pure, clean light.

  • No heat
  • No liquid
  • No chemicals

UV-C Is Safe for Electronics

Here is How it Works:
UV-C Light kills germs

The two UV-C lamps in PhoneSoap Charger produce a very specific wavelength of light which encompass your phone and pass through the cell walls of bacteria and virus to impair their DNA. Once the DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease. The best part, PhoneSoap Charger kills "SuperBugs" that have developed resistance to the chemicals and antibiotics that used to be effective. Let there be light!

How UV-C Sanitizes

How Effective is PhoneSoap Charger?

Two powerful UV-C lights and a curved, reflective inner surface allow the light to surround your phone to ensure the destruction of any unwelcome guests. While PhoneSoap Charger was created to focus on cell phones, anything you put inside will be safely sanitized. If it fits, it cleans. PhoneSoap Charger only takes 4 minutes to completely sanitize* your phone, and a blue indicator on the front will let you know when the sanitizing is complete. Take a look at the results and see for yourself!

*Based on independent 3rd party test results with staphylococcus aureus.

Watch the Discovery Channel test PhoneSoap Charger and the effectiveness of its UV light.

Charge Any
Phone that Fits!

PhoneSoap Charger is universal, engineered to charge any phone! It ships with a Micro USB cable, which most phones use to charge. If your phone uses a different connecter, PhoneSoap Charger has a compartment with a standard USB port where you can plug in the cable that comes with your phone. For example, if you have an iPhone, open the compartment and replace the Micro USB cable with the iPhone cable that came with your phone.

You can also purchase our Apple MiFi Certified Flexible Lightning Cord as a simple Apple charging cord replacement. It's shortened size simplifies storage and usage.

A green indicator on PhoneSoap Charger let’s you know when your device is done charging.

Compatible With Most Phones

I'm Awake,
I'm Awake!

A lot of us charge our phones at night and use the phone’s alarm to wake us up. PhoneSoap Charger has unique acoustic outlets designed to let you hear your notifications and alarms even when your phone is inside! So feel free to leave your phone charging in PhoneSoap Charger overnight or at the office, you will hear your alarm and notifications loud and clear!


So easy to use,
we made instructions.

Step 1:
Lift the lid.
Step 2:
Place your phone inside.
Step 3:
Plug in your phone if you want it to charge. (Optional)
Step 4:
Close the lid. Sanitizing begins and ends automatically. A blue indicator will let you know when the sanitizing is complete.
Step 5:
Feel happy because you won’t get sick from your phone.
Step 6:
Tell everyone how happy you are that your phone is clean.


Inner Dimensions (Sanitizing Space):

Millimeters: 153 L X 95 W X 20 H
Inches: 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H

Please check your phone dimensions to confirm it fits inside. The iPhone 6 does fit inside while the iPhone 6 Plus does not. A larger UV sanitizer is coming soon, sign up for our newsletter to receive release updates.

Outer Dimensions:

Millimeter: 195 L x 127 W X 44.8 H
Inches: 7.6 L X 5 W X 1.76 H


The sanitizing space was designed to fit almost all phones. Measure your phone (with or without a case) to ensure it will fit inside. While PhoneSoap Charger was designed specifically for cell phones, whatever fits inside will be safely sanitized. If it fits, it sanitizes! Sanitizing takes about 4 minutes and a blue indicator turns on while your phone is being cleaned, and shuts off when the process is done.

Universal Charger:

PhoneSoap Charger has a standard 5V USB port accessible inside. It ships with a USB to Micro USB cord so that the majority of phones can be charged out of the box. If your phone doesn't use the Micro USB cable provided, it can be removed and replaced with the cord that came with your phone (Such as Apple's 30-pin or Lightning Cable). Any device that charges through USB can be safely charged and sanitized inside. A green indicator will light up while your phone is charging, and turn off when charging is complete.

UV Lights:

2X 254nm UV-C Lamps

Included with Purchase:

PhoneSoap Charger, Power Cord (100-240V World Volgate / US Two-Prong Adaptor), Micro USB Cable, 5V USB Charging Port (for charging all phones).

See what fits in PhoneSoap Charger

No More
Screen Smudge

Now that your phone is germ free, get rid of those nasty fingerprint smudges and keep them off!