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Show Me How You Shine!

Show Me How You Shine!

Hello, fellow PhoneSoap users. Today I have some very exciting news. We have a new product! Our product is named the PhoneSoap Shine and we are more than obsessed with it, and we believe you will be too! Throughout the day your phone collects germs and bacteria. PhoneSoap 3 comes to the rescue killing all traces of bacteria and germs. But unfortunately, your phone still LOOKS and FEELS dirty. That’s where the PhoneSoap Shine comes into play.

  • 2 in 1 spray bottle + microfiber cloth
  • Portable for mobile use
  • Works on all  screens, safe on all screens
  • Over 150 Sprays!

PhoneSoap Shine is the first cleaning solution with a bottle housing a flat surface with a built-in microfiber cloth. You no longer need to buy excessive amounts of cleaning solution with a loose cloth that is always lost. This small cleaning solution can be stored anywhere for quick use. And best of all your phone will look like new after every use!

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